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Brooke: The World’s Largest Equine Welfare Charity

Absorbine® is very happy to support the tremendously important efforts of Brooke, the world’s largest international equine welfare organization, in honor of our 125th Anniversary.  Partnering with Brooke USA has allowed us to pay homage to our shared histories by recognizing the commitments of both Wilbur F. and Mary Ida Young, founders of W.F. Young… Read More

Bute-Less Performance – What We Love

All of Absorbine® is abuzz about Bute-Less® Performance Comfort and Recovery Supplement for horses. It’s a revolutionary show-safe supplement to relieve inflammation associated with training and competition, support GI tract heath and recovery from gastric distress, support muscle recovery and protect your horse from free radical damage! Sounds too good to be true, but it… Read More

Fly Control Strategies for Your Barn

Flies are a pain. From horse flies, stables flies, mosquitoes, and more, flying insects have been pestering horses and humans for thousands of years. These winged warriors interrupt peaceful pasture time for your horse and detract from your ability to enjoy precious time around the barn. Worse than the sheer annoyance, flies can also transmit… Read More

Absorbine Volunteer Days – Black Feather Rescue

Honoring the values of our founders, Mary Ida and Wilbur Young, and continuing the Absorbine® legacy of compassion for horses and animals, in 2017 we’re sending all employees out to volunteer at an animal welfare charity of their choice. It wasn’t very hard to pitch this initiative – “You say we have to take a day off to go… Read More

Back Home – Para Reining Champion Heather Smith

Heather Back Home Catching Up with World Para Reining Champion Heather Smith Following Her Return from the Netherlands After her great success during the team competition at the World Para Reining International Para Reining Championship in Ermelo, Netherlands, Heather and horse “Fifty” went on to bring home fourth place (after losing a tie breaker for… Read More

Update: Para Reining Champion Heather Smith

Here is a followup to our first Absorbine Spotlight about Absorbine Ambassador and Para Reining Champion, Heather Smith with results from the team competition! Heather arrived in Netherlands on Sunday and since then she has been busy preparing for the competition, as well as exploring Europe for the first time!  Heather had originally been paired with… Read More

Absorbine® Spotlight – Whispery Pines Percherons

Absorbine® is excited to announce our new product ambassadors, Whispery Pines Percherons!  Whispery Pines Percherons, based in Kingsville, OH is run by husband and wife team Sam and Kellie Rettinger.  Both Kellie and Sam have a deep love of horses that was cultivated at a very early age.  Now the pair, along with their nine… Read More

Para Reining Gold Medalist Heather Smith

Introducing World Para Reining International Champion Heather Smith! (pictured at right, with the rest of the 2016 World Para Reining Gold Medal Team) The motto of World Para Reining is “changed by chance, champions by choice.”  No one embodies this more than Heather Smith, USA Para Reiner and Absorbine® Ambassador.  A Springfield, MA local –… Read More

Absorbine Volunteer Days – CNEER

  Betty: I selected Central New England Equine Rescue, Inc. (CNEER) as my rescue of choice. I already had a rapport with Mary Stone, one of the volunteers who spends time there, and was excited to get involved myself.  She introduced me to Vicky Berry, the organization’s owner and manager. Together, we planned a day… Read More

Tick-Borne Disease in Horses and Dogs

Are your animals at risk? You’ve seen the headlines. Ticks are spreading across the country, bringing tick-borne disease with them, putting horses and dogs at risk. Read on for our roundup of information about tick species and their habitats. And don’t worry: the premium pest control brand UltraShield® from Absorbine® offers multiple ways to protect your horse… Read More