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Absorbine Spotlight – Jitterbug

You love your horse, and we love that! Every month we’ll be asking one of our friends from social media to showcase their horses and share a few words in our Absorbine Spotlight! This month, we’re excited to interview Jitterbug, 12 y.o. Percheron / Thoroughbred cross mare. Jitterbug has her own opinions which she shares via her column in… Read More

Fly Season Game Plan

Team, this is your Fly Season Game Plan! Biting flies. Mosquitoes. Ticks. Gnats. They want to eat your horse, one tiny bite at a time. They don’t mind if your horse is frisky today. They’re not moved when he nickers sweetly to you. They don’t mind if they cause maddening irritation or ruin your precious horse time. What do they mind? UltraShield®,… Read More

Absorbine Spotlight – Ashley Hicks

You love your horse, and we love that! Every month we’ll be asking one of our friends from social media to showcase their horses and share a few words in our Absorbine Spotlight!   Ashley Hicks is a talented young barrel racer, and we’re happy to say, she’s also a valued Absorbine Ambassador. Ashley and HF Frenchmansladybug or… Read More

INDIAN RELAY: An Incredible Form of Horse Racing

We are proud and honored to have Janae Firehorse as Absorbine’s guest blogger this month! Strap in as Janae guides us through the sport of Indian Relay, how it works and the meaning it has for the Great Planes tribes. Enjoy! What is Indian Relay? It’s a Native American sport that has evolved from the buffalo hunting ways of the… Read More

Bigeloil® Poultice Wraps Make It Easy

Hey equestrians and horse lovers, Margo here from Absorbine®. As a horseback rider of many years, like many of you I have used poultice for various reasons and without a doubt it always does the job. A poultice is a wet clay mixture that is used on horses’ legs and hooves to treat general heat… Read More

Absorbine Team Member Spotlight – Elizabeth Adams

Meet Elizabeth “Betty” Adams and JMF Irish Beam –aka “Beamer”, “Mr. BMAN”, “B” or “Beasley”, a 16 year-old Morgan horse. Betty is Absorbine’s Corporate Sales Coordinator. She is responsible for the lion’s-share of the planning and coordination of our sales teams and assists with logistics out on the road. Anyone who has done this type… Read More

Hooflex® Field Test Results

Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement: Proven to Help Support Healthy Hoof Growth In a recent field test, horses fed Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement showed a significant increase in hoof growth after a six-month period of use. Average hoof growth: 2.43 inches (vs. typical 1.9 inches without supplement) 33% of horses in test saw 3… Read More

Ranger The Senior Mustang

We received this wonderful success story about Ranger the mustang from his rescuer Susan Kauffmann. We’re so happy that Bute-Less helped make this special horse’s life a little more comfortable. We’re also happy people like Susan and others have infinite love for horses and grant the needy with new leases on life! Dear Absorbine, My… Read More

Absorbine Team Member Spotlight – Amy Cairy

In this Spotlight, we’re speaking with Amy Cairy. Amy is Absorbine’s Marketing Manager, Equine Division, and is responsible for the equine brands and coordinating the efforts of the marketing team. She’s just an impressive person overall. Amy is a lifelong equestrian with a story that starts out like so many us – a little girl… Read More

Danny – Chapter Ten – The Last Goodbye

DANNY THE TRUE STORY OF A GREAT HORSE DEDICATION To my great grandmother Mary Ida who gave me horse fever. CONTENTS One                        Finding Danny Two                        Building The Cabin Three        … Read More