Therapeutic Pain Relief Developed for Chronic Back Pain

The Absorbine® Back Patch was developed to target chronic back pain and contains a unique blend of menthol and camphor. The deep, penetrating heat goes straight to the point of pain to relieve back spasms and deep-seated muscle aches. It’s the largest therapeutic patch on the market today, measuring 9" x 4" for full coverage relief. Made with a “super stick" adhesive backing, this patch is guaranteed to stay in place and has been clinically proven to provide up to 8 hours of strong, penetrating heat.

  • Provides strong, penetrating relief for 8 hours
  • Adhesive stays on securely
  • Big 9" x 4" patches for large muscle pain

Precautionary statement: This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.


Single patch pouch

Image of, Absorbine® Back Patch