Jitterbug is a Percheron/Thoroughbred cross who skillfully avoided saddles and halters until the age of five. Jitterbug has become a (self-declared) expert in human management while training herself to one day achieve eventing greatness.  After noticing a startling lack of renaissance horsemen in the modern world, she has made it her mission to train humans how to properly care for and communicate with their equine superiors, while developing Bipeds as athletes and as people. She recognizes that hers is an uphill battle but sees her frustration as her contribution to bettering the equestrian world. Jitterbug became a celebrated columnist in the topic of human management for the Chronicle of the Horse in 2012.  Her Facebook page won third place in the 2014 Equestrian Social Media Awards’ Talking Animal Category. She feels Humans need all the help they can get when choosing the right solution for grooming and health management, so she’s proud to represent Absorbine’s® family of highly effective products.

(Photo Credit: Dark Horse Photography)