Tommie Turvey

Tommie Turvey is a celebrated horse trainer and stunt man. If you’ve seen a horse do something incredible on TV or in a movie, there’s a good chance Tommie got them to do it – right on cue. Tommie also delights crowds in demonstrations with his equine partners. Tommie established Equine Extremist in 1999, with the idea of bringing beautiful horses with inspiring and unique acts to shows around the world. Equine Extremist’s goal is to showcase the horse first and foremost with respect and safety, along with producing inspiring acts that will show off the power and beauty of our partner and friend, the horse. “Tommie’s horses must be in peak condition to perform, and we are pleased to share our products, from joint and muscle care, to grooming, to fly control, with Tommie and his equine partners,” says Chris Jacobi, General Manager, Equine Division.