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Silver Honey™ and a Tricky Stifle Wound

We use Absorbine’s Silver Honey™ Rapid Wound Repair on most all of our horses’ scrapes and cuts, and the benefits have been phenomenal.

The Latest COVID-19 C.D.C. Update For Animals

Caring for animals is always our highest priority at Absorbine®. You can be assured that although these times may be uncertain, we will always continue to provide you and your animals premium products and support to help them stay safe and healthy. We will continue actively sharing the most up-to-date information from the CDC with… Read More

4 Ways to Create a Fly-Free Zone

Daylight saving time and warm weather mean more time for riding. But they also mean the return of mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and other biting nuisances that can make horses miserable. In fact, flies alone drink four cups of horse blood every 10 days.1 Not only do these pests annoy our equine partners, but they… Read More

Gear Up For Fly Control Season 2020

Using these easy fly control strategies in your barn will help you greatly reduce the nuisance fly population

Animal Wound Care and the Skin Microbiome

The skin is the largest organ. It separates our internal structures from the outside world. So it should come as no surprise that microorganisms living in that world — bacteria, fungi and viruses — decide to make a home on that skin. The “microbiome” is what we call all those microorganisms living in harmony on… Read More

Absorbine's 2019 Dream Riding Vacation Sweepstakes Winners – The Sunnucks Family!

Team Absorbine® is happy to announce the winner of 2019’s “Absorbine® Dream Riding Vacation Sweepstakes” – John Sunnucks & Family! Our sweepstakes was shared online and on tags attached to our revolutionary new ShowSheen® and UltraShield® packaging we launched this year. We are grateful to have received so many entries from Absorbine® customers, you guys… Read More

Top 9 Considerations for Homemade Fly Spray VS. Ready To Use

Many people create their own fly spray formulas to save money using household ingredients. However, there are some factors to consider before attempting your own formula.

6 Grooming Tips From Julie Goodnight

“I no longer attend horse shows every weekend, but I still want my horses to look great”

Pest Protection Tips For Horses

That’s right, pesky flies can be drinking up to four cups of your horse’s blood every ten days! Not only are they blood-sucking nuisances, but they can be carrying diseases that pose a threat to your horse’s health. Here are some pest protection tips for horses to start your season. Manage the environment.  No, you… Read More

11 Tips for Superior Winter Grooming

1. Lots of currying The curry comb should be your best friend for winter grooming. Longer winter coats easily collect dirt and dust, and every time you groom your horse you are going to want to lift that grime up and out of the hair. Once you’ve brought it all up to the surface of… Read More