The History of Absorbine

W.F.Young, Inc., makers of Absorbine, was established in 1892. Absorbine Veterinary Liniment, W.F.Y.’s first product, was invented by Mary Ida and Wilbur F. Young. The two were living in Connecticut just before the turn of last the century. Wilbur delivered cargo with a wagon and a team of horses. Mary Ida was an avid horse enthusiast and cared for all of their horses. Wilbur’s team of horses would get tired after long days of pulling freight and often would be too sore the next day to pull cargo as effectively.

                                                       Wilbur F. Young and his team

In those days, if a horse had stiffness or soreness, a common procedure was to “blister” the skin using an acidic or otherwise caustic agent. The blistered skin would cause blood to flood the area, speeding recovery of the muscles and connective tissues underneath. This was a harsh measure and often very uncomfortable for the horse. It would also necessitate two to three days of recovery. Mary Ida and Wilbur disapproved of this practice. Mary Ida decided there must be a smarter, more humane way. She then took special care to formulate a time honored blend of aromatic and essential oils that remain a family secret to this day. They named it Absorbine Liniment.

Wilbur started using it on his team and bringing cases with him to sell on his route. People loved it because it was humane, and also because it eliminated the two to three days that it took to recover from the blistering. People could now just apply Absorbine Liniment and relieve pain in fatigued muscles and joints, without the down time from blistering.


Soft tissue management has always been a major use of liniment, but Absorbine soon became known as a medicine chest in a bottle because it has powerful antiseptic properties that help prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Farmers learned that Absorbine helped to prevent rain-rot, summer itch, tail itch and minor skin infections that are common in horses. There is a recipe right on the bottle for making a body wash for your horse that refreshes, disinfects and washes away sweat and grime from hard working horses. The product caught on quickly, and the business grew. Today, Absorbine Veterinary Liniment is sold online, in tack shops across America and around the world in the classic ochre colored bottle.

The combined effect of our liniment and the act of rubbing it onto the horse by hand creates a special synergy. The physical action of the rubbing accelerates the blood flow even more, helping the body heal itself. As an added benefit, when you rub down the horse, you are touching every part of the legs, observing any bumps, heat, swelling etc. This proven hands-on style of horse management is practiced by farriers and horse health experts around the world. They know the best way to treat any ailment is to know about it early, before it causes a domino effect on the horses health.

                                                                          Applying Absorbine By Hand

After Absorbine became widely available across America, farmers realized that the same liniment that helped their horses also helped their own aches and pains. Seeing the need, Wilbur and Mary Ida’s son Wilbur II suggested a version for people. In 1903 Absorbine Jr. was introduced, named after Wilbur Jr.

     Like Absorbine Veterinary Liniment, Absorbine Jr. helps the body heal itself by increasing blood flow to the affected area. It has the same analgesic properties as the veterinary liniment. It works great to relieve the itch caused by athlete’s foot. W.F. Young, Inc. actually coined the phrase “athlete’s foot”. Absorbine Jr. is now widely available at major mass-retailers and smaller pharmacies and stores. Update: In 2012, W. F. Young divested the “Absorbine Jr.” brand in order to re-focus on our Absorbine animal care products. Absorbine Jr. for people will still be made available by the new owners at the same major retailers as before.

Absorbine has also kept our dogs and other pets in mind when developing and testing new products. Many of the equine formulas are approved for dogs.  Over it’s history, Absorbine Absorbine has developed products especially for caring for pets.  Our newest Absorbine Pet products can be found at AbsorbinePet.com.

Flea products for dogs

UltraShield Flea & Tick control products

ShowShee grooming products

ShowSheen Dog Grooming Line

Absorbine was invented because of the compassion for animals that Wilbur and Mary Ida Young felt. They believed that although animals were a “means to an end” for most people, they also needed to be treated humanely in return for all of their hard work. A happy healthy horse or dog is going to work more efficiently and require less care. The old saying is still true– an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Today we carry on these same values. We believe that every product must be conceived with the animal’s health and wellbeing in mind. From our Hooflex Hoof Conditioner to Absorbine Veterinary Liniment and Gel to our UltraShield EX fly repellents and ShowSheen grooming products, your animal’s wellbeing is and always has been our first mission.

Mary Ida’s Suffolk Horse 1916

Absorbine, Hooflex, UltraShield and ShowSheen are registered trademarks of W.F. Young, Inc.

Absorbine Jr. is a registered trademark of Clarion Brands, Inc.

60 comments on “The History of Absorbine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Absorbine has been trusted for so many generations! I have been a user since 1975 and first used it on my mosquito bites!

  2. Lyle B says:

    I picked up a bottle of BIGELOIL liquid gel. The bottle states that can be used on horses and dogs. Is their any reason that a human should not use this product on himself or herself? Their is a caution area on the bottle. It does say for animal use only. Would you email me back as to why it is not to be used on humans.

    1. Sean says:

      Hi Horseman322, I wrote you back about our labels and about how Bigeloil may get used by people, but that it has only ever been tested on animals. Bigeloil and Absorbine Veterinary Liniment are only approved for animal use and so that is exactly what our label reflects.

    2. beetlemama says:

      Bigeloil has been used by my family since the 1960’s. My dad used to work in a golf pro shop and it was regularly used there by the golfers. My mom is now 97 years old and uses Bigeloil nightly on her muscle aches. I myself buy it by the gallon (granted, in a feed supply store) which lasts me about 1 year. I call it liquid gold because I can’t live without it! There is definitely an icy/hot feeling which is tremendous.

    3. Vicki says:

      Yes. You can use it without any issues. My grandmother used it daily for her knees with great success! I use it also and so does my daughter!! Good luck!!

  3. Donna says:

    Where is absorbine Sr. The horse liniment that you are now selling is missing some of its strength. It does not seem as strong and produces no heat when rubbed on to the skin. The new product is a disappointment.

    1. Sean says:

      Hi Donna! Rest assured that the Absorbine Veterinary Liniment you find in the ocher bottle is the same as it’s always been. If you’d like more information, please feel free to email me at sblack@wfyoung.com and thanks for using Absorbine!

  4. Marianne says:

    I am new to absorbine and have only used the gel on horses legs and. When using the liquid liniment as a rinse, does it have to be rinsed off the horse before saddling and riding the next day after use?

    1. Sean says:

      Hi Marianne, sorry it took so long to reply! You do not have to worry about using our liniment body wash on your horse’s back and then saddling them the following day. As a rule of thumb, we do not recommend anyone putting a topical analgesic, like Absorbine Veterinary Liniment, onto the saddle area and then saddling up and riding shortly after. But it sounds like you know that already!

  5. mike says:

    can Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel be used on dogs? i have a dog that has arthritis and was wondering if i could rub it on his hind quarters ?
    i use it on my knees and hips and it helps so much.

    1. Sean says:

      Hi Mike, Thanks for writing in to Absorbine and for using our products! We haven’t gotten approval for Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel on dogs yet, so we must advise that you follow the label instructions.

      1. Gabriela says:

        My dog has advance Hip Dysplasia and arhritis (if that´s possible) and can hardly walk. A few days ago he could´t walk a single block. I used Absorbine Jr. thinking if I can use it, he can… And he walked the next day. Five days later he moves around better. No skin rash or anything. I am delighted!

  6. Larry says:

    Is Fitzsimmons leg paint the same as bigeloil?

    1. Sean says:

      Hey Larry, we don’t make Fitzsimmons, just Bigeloil so I can’t say for certain. There is a connection in that they were originally developed by the same folks and if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say it is used in a similar way – to increase circulation where applied, but that Bigeloil is a much more mild application. Thanks for writing in! -Sean

  7. Lorenzo Cerni says:

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  8. Ashley Smith says:

    I have a dog that has been suffering with stiffness and pain around the shoulder area for several months that gets worse if she runs even a short distance or walks more than a couple of miles on the leash, however improves if we keep her at home for a couple of days. This is almost certainly due to an injury sustained at some point while running.

    X-Rays have shown she has no arthritis, dislocation or broken bones so it seems likely the problem is related to muscle ligaments or tendons and my bet is on the latter after all this time.

    She has been on Seraquin for months and undergone more than a dozen sessions of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, which all helps to some extent but the problem never seems to entirely go away. The physio has identified a point between the armpit and triceps as the source of the pain but it definitely isn’t cured yet.

    Feeling rather frustrated I suddenly thought about horse liniment, so I ordered some Absorbine Liquid Embrocation, which is said to be for horse or dog tendons. Are there any best practices for the application and is there anything else you can suggest that may help?

    The dog is still only 5 years old and a natural born athlete that would run all day before this injury but she just isn’t enjoying life the way she used to. She seems to suffer worst following sudden stops or changes in direction so chasing after balls or sticks is sadly impossible.



    1. Sean says:

      Hi Ashley,

      Here a few best practices for applying the product to a dog. It can be a challenge with certain coat lengths to get the liquid onto the area. In general, you’ll want to apply just enough to spread around the sore area. Avoid soaking the dog’s coat all the way through.

      -When you notice the dog is sore from recent exertion, start out with an ice pack for 15 minutes, then allow the area to warm up to normal temperature. Then proceed with the Embrocation.
      -Lift the outer coat layer back to reveal the skin below. If the dog’s coat is short, this is not necessary.
      -Apply a small amount of the liquid (approximately one teaspoon at a time) to the area, trying to get it as close to the skin as possible.
      -Let the outer coat fall back down and gently cup your hand over that area to help the liquid spread out under the coat keeping it in that area.
      -Do this in several locations to reach the whole area.

      -Before bringing your dog out for a walk, apply the product as described above to warm up the muscles and joints before they need to work. This will increase circulation to the area and help him warm up.

      Thanks for your question!!


  9. Shantae Haghighi says:

    Muscle pain is most frequently related to tension, overuse, or muscle injury from exercise or physically-demanding work. In these situations, the pain tends to involve specific muscles and starts during or just after the activity. It is usually obvious which activity is causing the pain.^^”:

    See you real soon <http://www.healthmedicinebook.com

  10. Ashley says:

    Thanks for your guidance Sean. The dog is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and she has a very fine short coat, so there is no difficulty at all reaching that area with the Absorbine, though any amount effectively soaks the area.

    I’ve only just read your reply but I’ve been applying the Absorbine once in the morning so far before exercise and I’ve noticed significantly less limping afterwards if we stick to two normal walks a day on the leash. She might look a bit stiff later for a few steps after resting but nothing too drastic.

    My impression is that the heat from the Absorbine is helping to reduce the risk of further damage during exercise, which is half the battle because we’ve been caught in a vicious circle here for months.

    I’ve taken note of your points and I’m hoping that we can now see a full recovery in time if we can override her natural instinct to race as soon as she feels better by keeping her on the leash outdoors for the next few months.

    On a side note we have so far seen three vets and a physiotherapist that have cost us over $2500 in charges so far and I’m rather disappointed that it didn’t occur to any of them to suggest something like Absorbine to help with the healing. The next step they were recommending was an MRI scan…



    1. Sean says:

      She’s probably a very energetic dog! It sounds like you have a management plan in place now with the subdued walks and all. I’m happy to hear that you were applying Absorbine beforehand. Many people apply it only after exertion, but I really like it as a preventative measure as well and it sounds like you’ve been having good results with that tactic. We wish you and your friend the very best!

      1. Ashley says:

        We’ve been using the Absorbine now since the middle of June but the clear improvement came a few weeks ago when we moved to applying Absorbine 3 times a day. Once about 30 minutes before her first walk in the morning, then again around mid-afternoon and finally in the evening after her second walk.

        Following this procedure her improvement was dramatic and immediately obvious with any signs of stiffness or limping reduced by a good 90%, despite covering around 5 miles day now on the lead.

        We tried the ice a couple of times early on when she was stiff after exercise but she clearly doesn’t like it, however adopting this system with 3 applications a day is working brilliantly.

        My two questions really are if the Absorbine is actually helping to heal the tendon or is it merely masking the pain? Also is there any kind of time limit when we should stop using the product?

        Due to the longevity of her condition we are still not allowing her to run free yet in the hope this will allow the healing process to fully settle but we’ve now been on gentle walks since early April. The sudden improvement with Absorbine when applied 3 times a day was remarkable though.

        1. Sean says:

          Hey Ashley, It was a great move to adjust to what was working for your dog. In terms of long term healing, the increased blood flow is widely seen as good for healing the body, and the fact that you are seeing positive results should indicate you are on the right track. It sounds like it also masking the pain for her, so we’d say both! We look at the effect of our liniment as managing pain while at the same time increasing blood flow, so there is a short term benefit and a long term benefit. You do not need to stop using the product after a certain amount of time or number of applications. Thanks so much for writing in and for using our “AVL”! -Sean

          1. Ashley says:

            Thanks for the super fast reply Sean.

            It’s a tricky balance knowing if it’s safe yet to increase walking distances and you just hope that further damage isn’t being done despite the pain being masked.

            For the time being I think we’ll stick with the current plan using Absorbine three times a day for at least another couple of months and then see if she shows any negative signs as we slowly decrease the amount. If that works OK we can perhaps start slowly running again but keep applying the Absorbine for a while as a precaution. Does that make sense? I’ve heard that it can take a good 8 months of gentle exercise to properly heal a badly damaged tendon.

  11. Barbara says:

    My horse has the starting of white line in her hooves would absorbine be something I should be putting on this or is there something else I could use since this is a fungus

    1. Sean says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Absorbine Veterinary Liniment will help combat white line disease. The label says to apply once a week, but that is a maintenance recommendation. If you are seeing the beginnings of white line disease (black or dark colored discolorations showing on the end of the white line band) clean the hoof daily and then apply Absorbine Veterinary Liniment full strength. Pour it directly on or our new spray bottle works very nicely for this purpose as well. If the darkening accelerates consult your veterinarian and farrier.

      If it’s a more advanced case and you have a hole running up the white line, here’s something we’ve had success with on our horses:
      Carefully dig out the dirt and manure from the hole. Mix our Hooflex Thrush Remedy with granulated sugar to form a paste. Fill the hole with the paste, then make a ball of cotton and cap off the hole with the cotton so that it fits snugly. The cotton will block new dirt from entering while the Thrush Remedy kills the infection. Hooflex Thrush Remedy does not kill live tissue or sting, and the sugar is known for it’s regenerative properties. Check that the cotton ball is still in place regularly and monitor the hole as the hoof grows out naturally.

      Thanks for writing in and for using Absorbine!


  12. Glen says:

    We used the Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel, as told by a friend of ours, for our son who plays football and baseball. WORKED GREAT! But I’m afraid that is may contain a steroid or some form of PHD. Is this gel legit and wont haunt my son in future drug testing?

    1. Sean says:

      Without knowing every ingredient that they test for, we can say that there are no steroid or similar ingredients in our product.

      Also, horses in competition are tested rigorously by strict organizations like the USEF. To give you an idea of how vigorously, they even test for ingredients like capsaicin! (the “hot” chemical in chili peppers) When used topically, Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel does not cause a testing problem.

      The main active ingredient of this product is Menthol. As far as we’ve seen, the ingredients do not go into the blood stream where it would cause a test to signal. So be assured that there are no steroids in our product. Thanks for writing in!

  13. Jean Young says:

    Hi, I live in kinston ontario, cananda and would like to know if there are any places by me to get some more “Bigeliol”. I use it for my RH arthritis and that stuff works better than anything I have ever tried and brings such relief, saddly I am out and looking. Your reply would be apprieciated…J.

    1. Sean says:

      Hello Jean, thanks for using Bigeloil! Here is the info for our distributor in Canada since we do not sell directly.
      1250 Rue Nobel Boucherville, QC J4B 5H1, Canada 1 450-641-6496 Give them a call and they will let you know if there is Bigeloil being sold near you!

  14. Katy Hoyt says:

    I have been using Absorbine Jr. for many years. But a few back years back (when they started putting it in plastic bottles) I stopped using this product because it didn’t seem to work the same. Has the recipe changed back to what it used to be? Or does the plastic bottle have a different effect on the medicine compared to the glass bottle? I would love to use the stuff again. I have been milking a glass bottle of the stuff for many years.

    1. Sean says:

      Hey Katy,

      Thanks for writing in. We did not change the formula when we went to plastic bottles. This past year we actually sold Absorbine Jr. and now we 9the keepers of this blog) only make the Absorbine Veterinary Liniment version in the 16, 32 and 128 ounce ocher bottles, found at equine tack shops. One thought is that if you are working on a very old bottle, it is getting stronger and stronger as the liquid evaporates away, leaving a higher concentration of menthol!

  15. Mary says:

    Just after coming across this on the net as I was looking for a cure for a nail fungal infection and I am wondering if this would do the trick and also if it is available in Ireland,

    1. Sean says:

      Our Absorbine Veterinary Liniment is called “Absorbine Liquid Embrocation” in Europe and you can find it at your local equine tack shop in the ocher colored bottle. Sorry that we don’t have more information to answer your question on nail fungus. -Sláinte!

  16. Joe C. says:

    Hello Sean,

    I have been using Absorbine Jr since I was a kid 40 years ago

    It will get rid of every kind of sore, rash, or whatever, daily use even got rid of some flat warts I got on my face in the 90’s, The dermatologist wanted me to use a cream that was not recommended for the face and could remove PIGMENT !!

    Anyway, it seems the company that bought Absorbine Jr does not make the 16 oz size (or is having a problem getting it out to us)

    Is there any contaminate or anything in the Veterinary version that could be harmful to humans? At my wits end looking for my beloved Absorbine, The 4oz bottles are just too small and cost too much 🙁

    Joe C

  17. Joe C. says:

    Is Anyone answering these questions anymore?

    Hello Sean,

    I have been using Absorbine Jr since I was a kid 40 years ago

    It will get rid of every kind of sore, rash, or whatever, daily use even got rid of some flat warts I got on my face in the 90′s, The dermatologist wanted me to use a cream that was not recommended for the face and could remove PIGMENT !!

    Anyway, it seems the company that bought Absorbine Jr does not make the 16 oz size (or is having a problem getting it out to us)

    Is there any contaminate or anything in the Veterinary version that could be harmful to humans? At my wits end looking for my beloved Absorbine, The 4oz bottles are just too small and cost too much 🙁

    Joe C

    1. Sean says:

      Hi Joe, we are here still! Over our long history, we’ve received many letters testifying to successes for personal use of our Absorbine Veterinary Liniment. Even so, this product has been labeled for use on animals, and we cannot recommend it for people. The instructions state it is meant to be ‘rubbed in’ and there is no need to worry about contact with your skin. The active ingredient is Natural Menthol. The formula also contains our proprietary herbal tincture including Wormwood, Echinacea and Calendula.

  18. Christopher says:

    I recently discovered my 8 year old hound dog has an abscess the size of a golf ball just between her neck and back area so I decided to try applying approximately 1 tbs of absorbeen liniment, though she appears to be vomiting a slight, how consistent should I make the applications, would this actuall eliminate the abscess? Could it hurt her if she is licking it a slight bit? please advise me

    1. Sean says:

      Hey Chris, thanks for writing! We recommend you allow the liniment to dry before allowing your dog to lick the area. You could apply, then use a rag to dry it off. It does not take log to absorb into the skin, which is where it does its work.

      You can apply the liniment 2 times/day. Use of our liniment may reduce the swelling of an abscess, but may or may not address the cause. If it does not start to go down after several days, consult your veterinarian. We wish you and your hound the best!

  19. Denise says:

    I have recently had my dog to the vet for the second year in a row due to seasonal allergies. He breaks out in a rash all over and even his face is affected. He itches constantly and the only thing the vet can do is give him a shot of some type of steroid to settle the allergy down. It is not flea allergy it is something related to a grass pollen ~ which obviously isn’t something we are able to avoid. My question is: Would it be safe to use Absorbine Jr on my dogs skin where he is very itchy and rashy? I’ve used it myself to treat insect bites and poison ivy itch and it has worked very well for both? Can you advise me as to whether or not this is a practical idea? Thanks in advance for your consideration of my request.

    1. Sean says:

      Hello Denise,

      Your poor pup, that skin allergy sounds terrible! We understand where you’re coming from since we know Absorbine feels great on itchy bug bites and poison ivy! We’ll answer in terms of regular Absorbine Veterinary Liniment in the ocher-colored bottle. We’d advise that liniment may not be a practical course of treatment for the allergy since the cause is an immune response from within dog’s system. This is different than a poison of a bug bite or plant where the cause is close to the top of the skin’s surface.

      If you still wanted to try it, apply the liquid to a small patch of skin first then wait and watch. Make sure not to apply too much in an area that the dog can easily lick it off. It seems like dogs with itchy skin usually lick those areas constantly! We’d also suggest looking into an omega-3 supplement if you haven’t already.

  20. jason says:

    I’m doing some research on treating show animals, specifically pigs. My question is if Bigeloil will show up in a drug test on show animals at livestock shows? My daughter has a show barrow with stiff back legs, and we are trying to find a treatment that will not get her disqualified.


    1. Sean says:

      Hey Jason,

      Thanks for writing! I won’t answer definitively on this question since Bigeloil is not a pig application. However, horses as you may know get tested very closely during competition. Please read the USEF statement about our other liniment product in regards to using it topically as directed on the label. http://www.absorbine.com/products/muscle-care/absorbine-botanicals-natural-herbal-liniment

  21. Karrie says:

    Hi. I’ve noticed that the online label (presumably the label registered in the United states) ultra shield EX has instructions for dogs. However the labels on the bottles sold in my local store here in Canada is only labeled for horses (no dogs). Is this only because you only registered the product for use on horses in Canada and did not seek registratioon for use on dogs? Thanks

    1. Sean says:

      We do not have UltraShield EX registered in Canada for use on dogs. The ingredients are the same. Thanks for writing!

  22. Willie says:

    I have been battling jock itch for years now and I’ve tried so many remedies including many expensive medicines and trips to the doctor with no success. I’ve seen a post where someone used Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment Liquid and it cured them of the jock itch. What is your opinion? Do you think it’s worth a try? Thank you.


    1. Sean says:

      Hi Willie, sounds like a joke. No, it is not worth a try! It would be very painful.

  23. Sally Price says:

    I am undergoing stem cell therapy for chronic pain, and have been told to not use any anti-inflammatories for the first 2 months of treatment. Does the gel contain anti-inflammatories?
    Thank you. I have been using the gel for my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery, which now needs to be repeated after a re-tear. There is a lot of pain, and the gel had been helpful.

    1. Sean says:

      Hello Sally,
      There are natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like Thymol, but no NSAIDS. Hope this helps and that you find relief no matter where it comes from!

  24. Mike says:

    Talked to my sis on Christmas and she said her new bottle of Absorbine comes without the smell. Say it ain’t so. The smell is part of what makes Absorbine Absorbine

    1. Sean says:

      Farriers tell us often that after using Magic Cushion on their client’s horses, they grow thicker, tougher sole. This is because the product increases hoof circulation. If you’d rather an internal supplement, Hooflex Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement will grow new hoof rapidly, including sole. Using both of these products would be even more effective. Thank you!

    2. Sean says:

      Mike, it ain’t so! Classic Absorbine Veterinary Liniment in the ocher bottle still has that wonderful smell you remember. We do make other liniment options like CoolDown and Bigeloil, so maybe she got one of those!

  25. My grandpa would use Absorbine on his plow horses Prince and Harry after a hard day’s work in the fields. After he was done treating them, he’d use some on his own aching muscles. Absorbine Jr. is a great product and has always been a staple in our medicine chest!

  26. Richard K. Naquin says:

    I have a 12 yr. Black Lab ,she has symtoms of arthiritis.what is the best product.

    1. Sean says:

      Richard, so sorry for the late response! We’d recommend our pet line, The Missing Link! It’s whole ground flax seed to give Omega 3 benefits, plus green lipped muscle and glucosamine for extra joint support, and phyto-nutrients that senior dogs thrive on.


  27. Staci says:

    Does this product have anti inflammatory medication as an ingredient?

    1. Sean says:

      The only active ingredient in Absorbine Veterinary Liniment is natural menthol. The herbal tincture that it contains does have Thymol, Echinacea, Wormwood and Calendula as well.

  28. Paul Cox says:

    Is there DMSO in your Absorbine?

    1. Team Absorbine says:

      Hey Paul, no there is not. There is no DMSO in any of our Absorbine or W.F. Young products. Thanks!

  29. Luigi Disanti says:

    I have been using absorbing jr for well over 50 years. For years the product burned like crazy on scrapes and bruises, to the point where my kids would run whenever I took out the bottle. Over the last number of years I had the feeling that the formula had changed. It does not seem to work as well on muscle aches. HAS IT ?????? TKU

    1. Team Absorbine says:

      Hello Luigi! Thank you for using Absorbine. We have actually sold the “Jr” brand for people and now only make our original Absorbine Veterinary Liniment for horses and dogs. So, we don’t know if the Absorbine Jr. formula has changed. We can offer one tip: as the product gets older, the base liquid evaporates out of the bottle. This concentrates the menthol and makes it feel stronger and stronger. So if you’ve had a bottle for many years, it will feel stronger than a brand new bottle. We have not changed the formula. Please visit absorbinejr.com if you want to ask about that product’s formula. Thank you!

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