Horse Illustrated's Grooming Challenge

Horse Illustrated’s Grooming Challenge Contest, sponsored by Absorbine, recently came to a close and the winner has been chosen: Congratulations to Amy Conforti of Maine and her Thoroughbred Wally. She won a basket of ShowSheen grooming products and some other goodies. Absorbine’s very own Molly O’Brien Horse Illustrated then gleaned the top five grooming questions… Read More

Thanks Horse Bloggers!

Check out these nice reviews of our products! Midwest Horse Blog who reviewed ShowSheen Finishing Mist– About horses and horse ownership by two women who own horses and live in the midwest of the United States http://midwesthorse.blogspot.com/2010/11/absorbine-new-product-review.html Bitless Horse Blog who compared Santa Fe Detangler, ShowSheen Detangler and a few other detanglers- Just a Southern… Read More

Mazy, Molly and HorseChannel.com

We were delighted to read the new HorseChannel.com‘s Question Of The Week: A dusty winter coat. Our very own Molly O’Brien of Absorbine wrote in to tell everyone how she conquers a dusty winter coat. Molly is a life-long horse woman and competes in the Morgan show circuit. Her shining star is Rum Brook Immortal Waltz,… Read More

Pilates Exercises for Horseback Riding

Most of the sports we do can be enhanced by a little physical training. Of course, most organized sports encourage strength and cardio work on top of playing the actual game. Also individual sports like skiing, rock climbing and cycling all benefit from some extra-curricular training. It seems logical that horseback riding, requiring strength and endurance… Read More