Absorbine Field Trip Part II

In our last installment, we told you about our Absorbine field trip to take photos in Florida. We headed south to capture images for our new website  and advertisements. If you recall, there was one scene where Eva and her trainer trot past our brave photographer. He’s lying on the ground to capture a neat perspective of Eva going by. Well, at our next location, we captured the same perspective but with a little more risk involved…

Here, Seth Ingram asks Marilyn to slide right up to the camera to get our shots, highlighting this dramatic reining move:



It sure was worth it! We collected some incredible photographs and spent time with friendly and talented horse professionals. Throughout the whole process, I was in awe of the majestic horses. This is what the shot looked like:

We at Absorbine extend a heartfelt thanks to the incredible people and horses who made our Absorbine Field Trip possible!  Now take a spin around the new Absorbine.com.  The new site really makes us shine, just like Absorbine equine products do for your horse.  It’s all new and we’re pretty excited about it.

At Absorbine.com, you’ll find:

Full product descriptions

Product labels and downloadable images

The Absorbine Blog

Basic horse care tips in the Learning Center

Fun videos

Absorbine career announcements

Stop on by!



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