Extreme Equine Experience

Hey there friends of Absorbine, it’s Heather from the marketing team.

I recently spent the day with two of our favorite partners – Tommie Turvey,  Equine Extremist/professional stuntman and Angelea Kelly, host of HorseGirlTV, her ground-breaking online media channel.  Angelea was interviewing Tommie for an upcoming episode of HorseGirlTV.

What an experience!  Tommy and his family welcomed us to his Liberty Horse Ranch with open arms.  The weather was just right.  Florida in April – really, what could be better?

Angelea, Tommy and Tommie’s wife Chantal spent some time chatting before filming the sit-down portion of the interview.  Tommie shared wonderful stories with the group of how he got started in the horse business and built his amazing niche.  In the meantime, Brent (Cameraman) and Jamie (Tommie’s Manager) discussed all things technical.

Angelea right before the camera started rolling.

Tommie gets Ace ready for the second half of the shoot.  Get ready to see some magic happen!

Tommie and Angelea talk horsemanship.

Tommie shows Angelea how to Roman Ride.

I think she’s a natural at it!

Tommie shows us some tricks.  He makes them look so easy and effortless,  clearly they are anything but!

Tommie, Joker and Ace perform more amazing feats.

Look out – here they come!

Bravo Tommie, Joker and Ace!

Angelea, Tommie, Ace and I mug for the camera.  Cheese!

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