Absorbine Cheers 100 Years of Olympic Equestrian Events

The 2012 London Olympic Games marks the 100th year of Olympic Equestrian Events in the modern Olympics. We’re celebrating a big anniversary ourselves here at Absorbine® – 2012 marks the 120th year that we’ve been providing quality horse care products, starting with  our flagship Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment.  In honor of both milestones, we’d like to… Read More

Extreme Equine Experience II – The Interview

Extreme equine experience could mislead you.  Tommie Turvey does amazing things with his horses, but he’s a practical, down to earth horse trainer.  He approaches horse training holistically, with an eye towards the whole life experience of a horse –  “There are many ways to train a horse, but I think of the things beyond… Read More

Beat the Heat – Ways To Cool Your Horse

Hello summertime riders! This is Lissa, the Absorbine Intern. It’s been a hot one down at the barn this summer, and my Quarter Horses JoJo and Ellie appreciate the little efforts I put in to keeping them cool and comfortable. Here are a few things that you can do to cool your horse off: Even… Read More