Extreme Equine Experience II – The Interview

Extreme equine experience could mislead you.  Tommie Turvey does amazing things with his horses, but he’s a practical, down to earth horse trainer.  He approaches horse training holistically, with an eye towards the whole life experience of a horse –  “There are many ways to train a horse, but I think of the things beyond the days training and what effect it has on other behaviors.”  -Tommie Turvey

Tommie Turvey is a big screen stuntman and horse trainer.  He has long been one of our favorites, we even talked him into doing a television commercial for our human liniment, Absorbine Jr.

In my last post, we were down at Liberty Horse Ranch having fun with Angela from HorseGirlTV.com having her own extreme equine experience while she interviewed  Tommie.  Here is the finished  interview for HorseGirlTV!

You can learn more about Tommie at his website  equineextremist.net and see more exciting equine content at HorseGirlTV.com!


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  1. Angelea says:

    LOVED the blog and loved getting to hang out with you Heather and meet Tommie and crew at Liberty Horse Ranch. It was such a special, educational shoot!!! –Angelea 🙂

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