Treat Your Horse’s Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion

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It’s not uncommon for a horse to weigh more than 1,000 pounds and all of that weight sits on their hooves. Couple that with the weight of a rider on rocky, uneven terrain and it’s understandable that horses can sometimes develop sore hooves. Additionally, hoof concussion caused by activities such as jumping or repeated impact on hard surfaces can cause soreness and bruising in the hoof. Horses can also be hoof-sore just after shoes are removed. One of the best ways to treat sore hooves and bruising is to use a hoof packing on the sole of the hoof. At Absorbine®, we recommend Hooflex® Magic Cushion® hoof packing, a great solution for overworked hooves.

Magic Cushion contains rosin, turpentine, natural leather fiber and iodine to reduce the temperature in a horse’s overheated hoof.* The sticky material is packed into the sole of a horse’s shod or bare hoof. As this product video explains, the application of Magic Cushion to the sole and frog of the hoof helps relieve symptoms associated with hoof concussion and trauma.* It calms inflammation and soreness throughout the sole and frog.

Magic Cushion thermography images

From thermo-imaging study conducted September 2012

Magic Cushion significantly reduces the temperature of a horse’s hoof. Cooling begins as quickly as an hour after application and continues to cool for up to 24 hours after it is applied. This proven efficacy earns Magic Cushion the trust of top farriers.

Application of Magic Cushion is fast and easy if you’re prepared: you’ll need rubber gloves, wrapping material, Magic Cushion, and a hoof pick with a brush. Then follow these easy steps, or watch a quick how-to video:

  • Clean your horse’s hoof dry with the pick and stiff brush.
  • Wearing rubber gloves, roll a handful of Magic Cushion into a ball and pack it into the frog and sole of the hoof to a depth of ½ inch. If the horse is shod, put the horse’s foot down in shavings and your job is done!
  • If your horse is barefoot, you’ll need to wrap the packing material to hold it in place. You also may want to wrap the outside of the bandage with a layer of duct tape to hold it more securely.

You’ll want to avoid the sensitive skin of the pastern when you apply the packing material. A shod hoof will maintain the packing material for up to 48 hours until it wears away; for longer lasting relief, wrap the hoof thoroughly, even with shoes. If desired, your farrier can pack Magic Cushion under shoe pads and leave it in place for an entire shoeing cycle. If you accidentally get sticky Magic Cushion somewhere you don’t want it, mineral oil is a helpful aid in removing it.

Hooflex® Magic Cushion® and Magic Cushion® Xtreme, which uses a higher concentration of ingredients, are both available at your local tack dealer or farm store.

*Thermo-imaging study conducted in September 2012

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