Selecting Horse Supplements Infographic

Five Common Horses

Supplements can be a key part of your strategy for a healthy, happy horse. But selecting horse supplements can be a pain, especially considering the array of conditions and supplements on the shelf.

We offer our infographic for selecting horse supplements from the premium Absorbine® lineup. 


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  1. Absorbine Flex max I just one of the great products I use for my racehorse who fractured his knee in his first race he has. Been on it since day one and is doing beautifully full mobility in his knee and runs like a champ thank you flex max!! I also use hoofllex on ally horses feet my farrier always says keep doing what your doing cause their feet are great !! Ultra Shield in my barn for those bugs that lesson the stress and bites on my crew, as well as absorbine and bigeloil I have been using for years not just on my horses but on me too on my sore body. I use just about all the absorbine family and I have nothing but great results!! Thanks Again

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