Para Reining Gold Medalist Heather Smith

Introducing World Para Reining International Champion Heather Smith! (pictured at right, with the rest of the 2016 World Para Reining Gold Medal Team) The motto of World Para Reining is “changed by chance, champions by choice.”  No one embodies this more than Heather Smith, USA Para Reiner and Absorbine® Ambassador.  A Springfield, MA local –… Read More

Absorbine Volunteer Days – CNEER

  Betty: I selected Central New England Equine Rescue, Inc. (CNEER) as my rescue of choice. I already had a rapport with Mary Stone, one of the volunteers who spends time there, and was excited to get involved myself.  She introduced me to Vicky Berry, the organization’s owner and manager. Together, we planned a day… Read More

Tick-Borne Disease in Horses and Dogs

Are your animals at risk? You’ve seen the headlines. Ticks are spreading across the country, bringing tick-borne disease with them, putting horses and dogs at risk. Read on for our roundup of information about tick species and their habitats. And don’t worry: the premium pest control brand UltraShield® from Absorbine® offers multiple ways to protect your horse… Read More