Absorbine Volunteer Days – Black Feather Rescue

Honoring the values of our founders, Mary Ida and Wilbur Young, and continuing the Absorbine® legacy of compassion for horses and animals, in 2017 we’re sending all employees out to volunteer at an animal welfare charity of their choice. It wasn’t very hard to pitch this initiative – “You say we have to take a day off to go on an Absorbine® volunteer days adventure at an animal rescue? Well twist our arms!!”

Absorbine Volunteer Days at Black Feather Rescue

Visiting Black Feather for their Absorbine® Volunteer Day was Heather & Bert from the Absorbine® sales team. Bert’s family also showed up to lend a helping hand, including his granddaughter Emma! Emma just loves horses and animals! Absorbine Volunteer Days at Black Feather RescueHeather:

Black Feather Rescue, in Plymouth, MA was founded by Darlene Nickerson in 2004, and her heart and dedication runs deep.  She works endless hours for animals who need her TLC, and still somehow she is the one that feels blessed!  Aside from the incredible non-profit rescue work she does, she runs one of the oldest trout hatcheries in the country. It’s a very large operation and helps fund her rescue operation.  The hatchery business runs generations deep, dating back to the late 1800’s when her grandfather worked at the hatchery and eventually purchased it. Black Feather rescue is currently caring for: seventeen horses, two donkeys, two llamas, three goats, two pigs, one goose, four guinea hens, three ducks, seven roosters, ten chickens, plus thousands of trout!  She is an amazing selfless woman whose presence is welcomed by all…both four legged and two.

Upon arrival, Bert was greeted by the official welcoming committee, a black pot belly pig named Barnabus.  Due to the pomp and circumstance, Barnabus quickly tired and decided to take a nap…. On Bert’s feet!

Absorbine Volunteer Days at Black Feather RescueAfter a tour and introduction to all the fur and feather friends at the rescue, Darlene quickly put us to work stacking some hay in the hayloft. Many hands make quick work!  We were somehow trusted by Darlene to put together a shade tent for some of the horses.

Absorbine Volunteer Days at Black Feather RescueErie the mini donkey wanted a piece of the action and saw I had a cell phone with me.  He is not shy, and asked to do a selfie.  I gladly obliged.

Absorbine Volunteer Days at Black Feather RescueEsmeralda (donkey) and Benny (horse) decided to spruce up for their company and started grooming each other.

Absorbine Volunteer Days at Black Feather RescueIt was a family affair!  Emma came to help with chores and so she did!  She really helped build the shade tent, water the horses and groom the minis!

Absorbine Volunteer Days at Black Feather RescueDarlene the Wonder Woman behind Black Feather Rescue and one of her minis, Narla, getting a beauty session. Absorbine Volunteer Days at Black Feather RescueTruly, we are thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to help out with such an amazing organization. Many of the animals at the rescue are looking for a forever home.  Please do not hesitate to look at her website. Blackfeatherhorserescue.org. She can be found on Facebook as well!


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  1. Darlene says:

    Thank you to Absorbine and their AMAZING people for helping out at the rescue !!! The products you donated are wonderful and greatly appreciated !!!!! Love and Gratitude to you all !!!!!

    and all the
    earth angels at BFHR

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