Absorbine® Spotlight – The Mountain Pleasure Horse – Kentucky Horse Park

Preview: Absorbine® is proud to be the fly control sponsor of the Kentucky Horse Park.  In this Absorbine® Spotlight, we go behind the scenes at the Breeds Barn to meet Rockin’ R’s El Vira, the Park’s Mountain Pleasure horse breed ambassador. The Breeds Barn The Kentucky Horse Park Breeds Barn is home to a vast… Read More

Team Absorbine® Rider Brad Barkemeyer

In a sea of loping quarter horses, their toned haunches gleaming at the Arizona Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show, it’s not difficult to pick out Brad Barkemeyer and his golden mount, Trigger. The tall cowboy smiles on top of the palomino stallion, whose ears are pricked and nostrils flared under a bosal bridle, always searching… Read More