Bute-Less® Performance: Brooke and Ellie Make the Switch Day 15

It’s time to check in with our friend Ellie, who has been enjoying a daily scoop of Bute-Less® Performance Comfort & Recovery Support pellets super-optimized curcumin for horses for just over two weeks now. The mare’s owner, Brooke, decided to switch from a daily COX-2 inhibitor tablet to our curcumin-based supplement to see if she could relieve stiffness and soreness without depending on an NSAID.

Curcumin For Horses

“So far, so good!” Brooke says with a smile, just as she’s tightening her girth and getting ready to mount. “Ellie hasn’t missed a beat since we made the switch.”

Curcumin for horses

Brooke switched Ellie to the optimized curcumin for horses supplement, Bute-Less® Performance, at a crucial time of year, when the pair are back in full-training after a slow winter and are focused on building up strength and stamina on the flat, over jumps, and out on the trail. It was typically during transition periods like these that Brooke would notice Ellie sometimes starting out stiff, or feeling sore if pushed harder than usual. “She consistently feels happy and ready to work, moving out nicely and remaining supple and responsive,” Brooke says. “I’m even getting flying lead changes out of her, which have not always been our specialty!” She laughs.

Curcumin for horses

This mare is clearly feeling great – the two are a pleasure to watch at work. Ellie’s stride is fluid and graceful, she makes transitions with ease, and perks her ears towards the fences, bounding over them with total confidence whenever Brooke asks.


Brooke feels great too, knowing her mare is doing well on a supplement with natural ingredients. “I was a little nervous going off the COX-2 inhibitor at first, but now that I see her continuing to feel her best, I’m not looking back.”

Curcumin for horses

Half way through their bucket, Brooke is looking forward to seeing how her mare progresses over the remainder of the Bute-Less® Performance trial, and Ellie is always looking forward to that extra scoop of flavor in her dinnertime grain.

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