Absorbine Spotlight: America’s Show Camels!

Preview: Ever been curious about camels? We spoke with Ryan Henning, owner of America’s Show Camels, Inc. about his camels, the events they participate in, and how he uses Absorbine® products to care for them. You swear by ShowSheen® for your horse, and maybe you even use it on your dog, but have you ever… Read More

Eventer Sinead Halpin: Member of Team Absorbine

Preview: Sinead Halpin is now a member of Team Absorbine®!  Sinead has “always” used Absorbine® products and particularly loves ShowSheen® and Magic Cushion®. We are so excited and honored to have a talented rider and horsewoman like Sinead on our team!  We are happy to hear that our products have supported Sinead’s horses in the… Read More

Absorbine Spotlight – Kentucky Horse Park & Gene Carter

Preview: Absorbine® is the proud fly spray sponsor of the Kentucky Horse Park. In this Absorbine® Spotlight, we meet 92-year-young Kentucky Horse Park (KHP) employee Gene Carter and learn about his past as a Thoroughbred exercise rider and his present work as a groom in the KPH Hall of Champions. In our last Kentucky Horse… Read More

Team Absorbine Spotlight: Patrick the Miniature Horse!

Preview: Meet Team Absorbine® member Patrick the Miniature Horse.  Sarah Schaaf, Patrick’s owner, told us about his impressive show record, his therapy work, her appreciation for Absorbine® products, and her nineteen year relationship with Patrick. GTR Patricks Vindicator, known to all as Patrick, is a miniature horse gelding known internationally for his impressive show record. … Read More

Getting to Know Brooke and the World’s Working Equines

Preview: Absorbine® is celebrating our 125th Anniversary by sponsoring Brooke, the world’s largest international equine welfare organization, helping to alleviate the suffering of working equines in developing countries.  In this segment of our five-part blog series, we learn about the crises facing working equines around the world and the incredible work of Brooke towards alleviating… Read More

Team Absorbine Spotlight – Eventer Whitney Mahloch

Preview: A brief interview with eventer and Team Absorbine member Whitney Mahloch. She describes her progress in the sport, and some thoughts on her preparation for her upcoming competition at the Richland Horse Trials. Team Absorbine® member Whitney Mahloch and her horse Military Mind, “Milo”, are competing this weekend at the Richland Park Horse Trials. … Read More

I Tölt You Icelandic Horses Were Cool!

Tölting over volcanic rock on the back of a surefooted Icelandic horse? Herding wooly sheep over a stream amidst crashing waterfalls, green mountains, and a snowy glacier looming in the background? I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to experience breathtaking Iceland from between the fluffy ears of the country’s signature breed! Driving west… Read More

Absorbine Spotlight – Kentucky Horse Park & Funny Cide

Preview: Absorbine® is now the fly control sponsor of the Kentucky Horse Park. In this Absorbine® Spotlight, we learn fun facts about gelding Funny Cide, one of the retired racehorses who lives at the park, while he helps model some Absorbine® products. Here at Absorbine®, we are so proud to be the fly control sponsor… Read More

Sinead Halpin Eventing Joins Team Absorbine

Preview: Sinead Halpin is now a member of Team Absorbine®. We spoke with Sinead about her new farm, her new up and coming horses, and her competition plans this season. We are very excited to introduce the newest member of Team Absorbine®, internationally renowned Three-Day Event competitor and trainer Sinead Halpin!  Sinead has been competing… Read More

Absorbine Volunteer Days – Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

Honoring the values of our founders, Mary Ida and Wilbur Young, and continuing the Absorbine® legacy of compassion for horses and animals, in 2017 we’re sending all employees out to volunteer at an animal welfare charity of their choice. It wasn’t very hard to pitch this initiative – “You say we have to take a day off to go… Read More