Absorbine's 2019 Dream Riding Vacation Sweepstakes Winners – The Sunnucks Family!

Team Absorbine® is happy to announce the winner of 2019’s “Absorbine® Dream Riding Vacation Sweepstakes” – John Sunnucks & Family! Our sweepstakes was shared online and on tags attached to our revolutionary new ShowSheen® and UltraShield® packaging we launched this year. We are grateful to have received so many entries from Absorbine® customers, you guys… Read More

Absorbine's 120th Anniversary Contest Winner Lauren Lindsay

Absorbine recently celebrated our 120th anniversary.  This naturally brought up our own beginnings and early days with horses.  We decided to launch a contest asking Absorbine fans to write about their first encounters with horses and to share their memories of first falling in love with them. Every single entry made us smile and reminisce… Read More

Hooflex Healthy Hooves Contest Winner

The Hooflex® Healthy Hooves contestants have been improving their horses’ hooves all summer.  These horse owners identified problem feet, and instead of hoping the problems would go away, they decided to work to improve them with a comprehensive strategy.  In addition to the initial photos that were submitted, they’ve sent us pictures at three weeks,… Read More

Contest Update : Hooflex Healthy Hooves

Many have entered, five have won.  One will win even more. We received great entries for this contest.  The entry pictures were so moving, it was very difficult to choose!  But we’ve chosen five and they now receive their choice of any two Hooflex® products we make. Hooflex® Therapeutic Liquid Conditioner Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment… Read More

Hooflex ® Healthy Hooves Contest

  Hooflex® Healthy Hooves – now say THAT five times fast!  When I tried, it didn’t work out so well.  But tricky tongue twisters are not why I write you, my fair readers.  It’s contest time!  What sort of contest you ask?   It’s a sort of “give and take” arrangement.  Here’s how it works:… Read More