I Tölt You Icelandic Horses Were Cool!

Tölting over volcanic rock on the back of a surefooted Icelandic horse? Herding wooly sheep over a stream amidst crashing waterfalls, green mountains, and a snowy glacier looming in the background? I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to experience breathtaking Iceland from between the fluffy ears of the country’s signature breed! Driving west… Read More

Sneak Peek: Absorbine Saddlegram

Do you love taking photos of your horse? Then you will love Saddlegram! Over the last few months, the Absorbine® team has been working to bring horse lovers a unique, easy-to-use photo app. Saddlegram is designed especially for horse lovers, and is a fun, fast way to add special framing effects to a horse (or… Read More

Behind the Scenes at Rolex Kentucky 2013

Earlier this year we interviewed professional eventing groom Cat Hill. Cat just returned from Rolex Kentucky 2013, where she was the groom on the Daniel Clasing Eventing team. Check out her Rolex recap and show photos below! From Cat: I am just sitting down after a whirlwind week at the Rolex Kentucky 4-star Event. I… Read More

Simple Exercises To Improve Your Riding

by Angelea Kelly Walkup Emily Rodgers wrote in to HorseGirlTV and asked “Since I can’t ride every second of the day, I want to see some workouts that I can do at home that will help me in the saddle! Simpler the better!” Well Emily, hosting HorseGirlTV®  has really educated me on the athleticism of the equestrian… Read More

Extreme Equine Experience II – The Interview

Extreme equine experience could mislead you.  Tommie Turvey does amazing things with his horses, but he’s a practical, down to earth horse trainer.  He approaches horse training holistically, with an eye towards the whole life experience of a horse –  “There are many ways to train a horse, but I think of the things beyond… Read More

Pilates Exercises for Horseback Riding

Most of the sports we do can be enhanced by a little physical training. Of course, most organized sports encourage strength and cardio work on top of playing the actual game. Also individual sports like skiing, rock climbing and cycling all benefit from some extra-curricular training. It seems logical that horseback riding, requiring strength and endurance… Read More