Winter grooming made easy with Miracle Groom

As we move through February and, hopefully, the last full month of winter weather, you may be feeling as impatient for spring as we are. When I walk out to the pasture, it seems pretty obvious that we humans aren’t the only ones ready for warmer weather. This time of year, the combination of less… Read More

Sun Protection From Santa Fe

Faded, “bleached-out” coats, manes and tails are a perpetual problem for horse owners. There are many ways to combat the damaging effects of the sun’s rays on horses’ skins and coats, ranging from physical barriers such as UV-protectant fly sheets, to turning horses out at night instead of during the day. As with many other… Read More

Behind the Scenes at Rolex Kentucky 2013

Earlier this year we interviewed professional eventing groom Cat Hill. Cat just returned from Rolex Kentucky 2013, where she was the groom on the Daniel Clasing Eventing team. Check out her Rolex recap and show photos below! From Cat: I am just sitting down after a whirlwind week at the Rolex Kentucky 4-star Event. I… Read More

Absorbine Interviews Professional Eventing Groom Cat Hill

Ever wonder what the life of a professional groom is like? Earlier this year, we had a chance to talk with Cat Hill, a professional eventing groom, about her job, her favorite equine memories, and her quick grooming tips. Tell us a bit about what you do as a professional groom. As an eventing groom,… Read More

Winter Grooming Tips

Cold weather can make winter grooming difficult – which is why at Absorbine® we are always looking to learn new grooming tips and tricks from our users.  Here is a roundup of their winter grooming tips! Here are some great winter horse grooming tips our fans have submitted: Invest in a blanket with a neck.… Read More

Effective Grooming Routines – Tips from Kara of Dover Saddlery

Kara Judge of Dover Saddlery sends us her tips for an effective grooming routine in this guest post! Kara Writes: Regular, thorough grooming is important to maintaining your horse’s health and appearance. It’s also a perfect opportunity to build trust between you and your horse as you attend to him or her from head to… Read More

Better Bathing Tips

Absorbine just finished up a new video with Molly, our in-house grooming expert, called “Better Bathing Tips”.   Here, we demonstrate bathing a horse in a wash stall and offer tips that a novice horse owner will find useful. It was a sunny May day when we headed to the barn where Folly, 27-year-old mare,… Read More

Horse Illustrated's Grooming Challenge

Horse Illustrated’s Grooming Challenge Contest, sponsored by Absorbine, recently came to a close and the winner has been chosen: Congratulations to Amy Conforti of Maine and her Thoroughbred Wally. She won a basket of ShowSheen grooming products and some other goodies. Absorbine’s very own Molly O’Brien Horse Illustrated then gleaned the top five grooming questions… Read More

Thanks Horse Bloggers!

Check out these nice reviews of our products! Midwest Horse Blog who reviewed ShowSheen Finishing Mist– About horses and horse ownership by two women who own horses and live in the midwest of the United States Bitless Horse Blog who compared Santa Fe Detangler, ShowSheen Detangler and a few other detanglers- Just a Southern… Read More

Mazy, Molly and

We were delighted to read the new‘s Question Of The Week: A dusty winter coat. Our very own Molly O’Brien of Absorbine wrote in to tell everyone how she conquers a dusty winter coat. Molly is a life-long horse woman and competes in the Morgan show circuit. Her shining star is Rum Brook Immortal Waltz,… Read More