Where was your farrier last week?

At the 15th Annual International Hoof Care Summit!   If your horse came up with a loose shoe last week, chances are you had a little trouble finding a farrier to fix it. The world’s farriers had flocked to the 15th Annual International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s the largest equine foot-care event… Read More

Selecting Horse Supplements Infographic

Five Common Horses Supplements can be a key part of your strategy for a healthy, happy horse. But selecting horse supplements can be a pain, especially considering the array of conditions and supplements on the shelf. We offer our infographic for selecting horse supplements from the premium Absorbine® lineup.   

Bigeloil® Poultice Wraps Make It Easy

Hey equestrians and horse lovers, Margo here from Absorbine®. As a horseback rider of many years, like many of you I have used poultice for various reasons and without a doubt it always does the job. A poultice is a wet clay mixture that is used on horses’ legs and hooves to treat general heat… Read More

Hooflex® Field Test Results

Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement: Proven to Help Support Healthy Hoof Growth COMPARE INGREDIENTS, FIND A PLACE TO PURCHASE & LEARN MORE HERE In a recent field test, horses fed Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement showed a significant increase in hoof growth after a six-month period of use. Average hoof growth: 2.43 inches (vs. typical… Read More

Tips For Before The Farrier Arrives

Everything comes down to the feet, and we’re not just talking about legs. We rely on farriers to improve our horse’s hooves, help keep them sound and moving gracefully.  It is a demanding and dangerous job to begin with so we horse owners should do everything we can to make the experience smoother and safer for everyone. Here are some… Read More

How to Prevent & Treat Scratches

When it gets wet and muddy outside, the chance that your horse will develop pastern dermatitis – commonly called scratches, but also known as greasy heal, swamp fever, dew poisoning or mud rash – increases dramatically. At the least, pastern dermatitis is an unsightly condition, and at the worst it can lead to serious health… Read More

Which Hooflex Is Right For You?

Just ask, and your farrier will tell you the main factors that contribute to healthy hooves – nutrition, regular care including proper trimming and balancing, footing/environment, genetics and regular TLC.  The regular TLC is where you come in!  We were all taught to pick out our horses’ hooves often.  This reduces the chance for infection,… Read More

What Exactly Is Thrush & How Do You Treat It?

Identify What is that awful smell? Equine thrush infection is a condition many of us horse owners battle.  It is described as an infection localized in the soft triangular-shaped “frog” of the hoof, especially the grooves on the sides and middle of the frog called the sulci.  The condition is characterized by a foul odor, a… Read More

Treat Your Horse’s Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion

It’s not uncommon for a horse to weigh more than 1,000 pounds and all of that weight sits on their hooves. Couple that with the weight of a rider on rocky, uneven terrain and it’s understandable that horses can sometimes develop sore hooves. Additionally, hoof concussion caused by activities such as jumping or repeated impact… Read More

Hooflex Healthy Hooves Contest Winner

The Hooflex® Healthy Hooves contestants have been improving their horses’ hooves all summer.  These horse owners identified problem feet, and instead of hoping the problems would go away, they decided to work to improve them with a comprehensive strategy.  In addition to the initial photos that were submitted, they’ve sent us pictures at three weeks,… Read More