The Leather Therapy Infographic

Cleaning, conditioning and maintaining leather tack, boots, clothing can be a daunting prospect for us all. What do you use for different types of leather? How do you clean and condition items that are only partly leather? Fear not!! Leather Therapy is a proven, scientifically formulated line of products that will keep your valuable saddles,… Read More

How To Use Leather Therapy® by Julie Goodnight

Julie Goodnight, if you don’t adore her already, is the popular RFD-TV host of Horse Master, airing weekly. Julie also travels the US sharing her no-nonsense horsemanship training with riders of all disciplines. Julie is our Leather Therapy brand ambassador, we’re proud to say, and she shares some wonderful tips for how to use Leather… Read More

Protect Leather Against Dry Winter And Humid Summer

Just like our skin, leather dries out quickly in ultra-dry winter air. It breaks down and cracks in critical areas like stirrup leathers, cinch straps and connecting pieces. Then, in humid spring and summer air, mold attacks leather, literally eating away at it. Both of these factors can weaken leather creating unsafe conditions for riders,… Read More