Bute-Less® Performance – What We Love

Preview: Learn about the benefits of our new, competition-safe Bute-Less® Performance from our very own team members and their beloved horses.  We report on how Bute-Less® Performance improved the comfort of horses from different disciplines and with a range of health concerns. All of Absorbine® is abuzz about Bute-Less® Performance Comfort and Recovery Supplement for… Read More

High-Performance Support for Hardworking Horses

Whether they’re involved in competition or intense training, some horses just work harder than others. They’re the reason we created new Bute-Less® Performance Comfort & Recovery Support—and made sure it offered so many potential benefits.  

A Bute-Less® Success Story From A Therapeutic Riding Program

Here at Absorbine®, we strive to only offer products that we know will help horse owners. We’d like to share a heart-warming testimonial for our comfort and conditioning supplement Bute-Less®, we couldn’t be more proud! This one was sent in by Megan Stapely, Equine Program Director at High Hurdles Therapeutic Riding. It sounds like Bute-Less® really helped… Read More

Selecting Horse Supplements Infographic

Five Common Horses Supplements can be a key part of your strategy for a healthy, happy horse. But selecting horse supplements can be a pain, especially considering the array of conditions and supplements on the shelf. We offer our infographic for selecting horse supplements from the premium Absorbine® lineup.   

Ranger The Senior Mustang

We received this wonderful success story about Ranger the mustang from his rescuer Susan Kauffmann. We’re so happy that Bute-Less helped make this special horse’s life a little more comfortable. We’re also happy people like Susan and others have infinite love for horses and grant the needy with new leases on life! Dear Absorbine, My… Read More

Probiotics Maximize Bioavailability For More Muscle

Buy More Muscle® Maximize now. In More Muscle Maximize, Absorbine®’s new complete conditioning supplement, we’ve combined prebiotics and probiotics with our proven muscle strengthening ingredients.  Why would we do such a thing?  One word – Bioavailability.  Let’s start with Merriam Webster’s definition:  “the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into a living… Read More

Bute-Less Equine Supplement

Sensing discomfort in a friend is something we do almost unconsciously.  We can tell just by looking at them, or from the tone of their voice.  A human friend will confirm it when asked, but detecting discomfort in your horse can be much more difficult.   Many times there are subtle signals, like refusing normal commands,… Read More

Why You Should Look For The NASC Seal

You’ve seen it around.  That oval seal placed on some labels and on webpages.  But what does it mean?  Here is an explanation of why you should look for the NASC seal on your animal health supplements. Actually, having the National Animal Health Council seal means that the manufacturer has gone the extra length.  … Read More

Pain Management For The Long Term

If you are competing in the equestrian sports, you and your horse know just how great it feels when months and years of hard work come together in a great performance.  The unique synergy between horse and rider has been fondly discussed for ages.  But all athletes, human and equine, feel the effects of intense… Read More

Contest Update : Hooflex Healthy Hooves

Many have entered, five have won.  One will win even more. We received great entries for this contest.  The entry pictures were so moving, it was very difficult to choose!  But we’ve chosen five and they now receive their choice of any two Hooflex® products we make. Hooflex® Therapeutic Liquid Conditioner Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment… Read More