Bioavailability is critical for equine joint supplements

The most effective joint supplement is the one your horse can actually use. There are any number of joint supplements available, but many simply end up wasted and passed through your horse’s system only to be tossed out with the soiled bedding. Flex+Max® was formulated by an equine nutritionist and offers a strategic combination of… Read More

Keeping Senior Horses Safe, Happy & Healthy Over Winter

Winter can be particularly tough on our beloved senior horses. Cold temperatures can mean stiff, sore joints, snow and ice can be a challenge to navigate, and brisk Northern winds can deliver a deeper chill to old bones. Are you taking extra measures to keep your golden horses comfortable this winter? Here’s a list of… Read More

Flex+Max®: The Easy Choice for Maximized Equine Joint Care

So your horse needs a joint supplement. To be honest, few equestrian shopping experiences can prompt anxiety like entering the “glucosamine aisle”: towering stacks of white buckets, all claiming to lube your horse’s hocks for Olympic-level spring and Futurity-style slide. Ingredients you can’t pronounce. Fine print you need your glasses for. Prices you need a… Read More

Bute-Less® Performance: Brooke and Ellie Make the Switch – Day 30

It’s time for our final check in with our friend Brooke and her quarter horse mare, Ellie, who have been giving Bute-Less® Performance a try for the last 30 days! Highly optimized, absorbable and clinically proven curcumin for horses. When they began the trial, Brooke was looking to transition Ellie off of her regular COX-2… Read More

Bute-Less® Performance: Brooke and Ellie Make the Switch Day 15

It’s time to check in with our friend Ellie, who has been enjoying a daily scoop of Bute-Less® Performance Comfort & Recovery Support pellets super-optimized curcumin for horses for just over two weeks now. The mare’s owner, Brooke, decided to switch from a daily COX-2 inhibitor tablet to our curcumin-based supplement to see if she… Read More

Bute-Less® Performance: Brooke and Ellie Make the Switch – Day 1

Ellie, a pretty little bay Quarter Horse, recently celebrated her 14th birthday. She is owned and loved by Brooke M.; they’ve been partners since Ellie was just a five-year-old. These two have been in and out of the hunter jumper show ring together, love to trail ride in the woods around their Massachusetts farm, and… Read More

Bute-Less® Performance – What We Love

Preview: Learn about the benefits of our new, competition-safe Bute-Less® Performance from our very own team members and their beloved horses.  We report on how Bute-Less® Performance improved the comfort of horses from different disciplines and with a range of health concerns. All of Absorbine® is abuzz about Bute-Less® Performance Comfort and Recovery Supplement for… Read More

High-Performance Support for Hardworking Horses

Whether they’re involved in competition or intense training, some horses just work harder than others. They are the reason we created new Bute-Less® Performance Comfort & Recovery Support—and made sure it offered so many potential benefits. Read on to learn all about our revolutionary new Longvida® SD Optimized Curcumin pellets! Or find where to purchase… Read More

A Bute-Less® Success Story From A Therapeutic Riding Program

Here at Absorbine®, we strive to only offer products that we know will help horse owners. We’d like to share a heart-warming testimonial for our comfort and conditioning supplement Bute-Less®, we couldn’t be more proud! This one was sent in by Megan Stapely, Equine Program Director at High Hurdles Therapeutic Riding. It sounds like Bute-Less® really helped… Read More

Selecting Horse Supplements Infographic

Five Common Horses Supplements can be a key part of your strategy for a healthy, happy horse. But selecting horse supplements can be a pain, especially considering the array of conditions and supplements on the shelf. We offer our infographic for selecting horse supplements from the premium Absorbine® lineup.