JoJoSox – The Absolute Best Boot Socks Ever!

I train six days per week, with the “off” day usually spent doing some ground work and always some stable work. This daily grind is tough on socks, especially boot socks, so when a fan (Thanks Sarah F!!!) recommended  JoJoSox, I was quite excited. I contacted Joanna, who is one of the  “Jo’s” in JoJoSox, to find out more about… Read More

Absorbine Interviews Blue Star Equiculture

We are always interested in hearing about smart ways of helping horses and the people that care for them.  We’ve been working with organizations like A Home For Every Horse, a venture that connects horses in rescues with potential new owners using a centralized database.  When rescues join A Home For Every Horse, they also… Read More

Absorbine Celebrates Its 120th Anniversary

Absorbine Celebrates Its 120th Anniversary during Equine Affair!  How many companies can celebrate 120 years in business?  At W. F. Young, we can proudly make that claim.  The year was 1892 when Wilbur F. and Mary Ida Young developed the formula for Absorbine Veterinary Liniment using herbs and essential oils.  Absorbine Veterinary Liniment continues as… Read More

Absorbine Cheers 100 Years of Olympic Equestrian Events

The 2012 London Olympic Games marks the 100th year of Olympic Equestrian Events in the modern Olympics. We’re celebrating a big anniversary ourselves here at Absorbine® – 2012 marks the 120th year that we’ve been providing quality horse care products, starting with  our flagship Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment.  In honor of both milestones, we’d like to… Read More

Extreme Equine Experience II – The Interview

Extreme equine experience could mislead you.  Tommie Turvey does amazing things with his horses, but he’s a practical, down to earth horse trainer.  He approaches horse training holistically, with an eye towards the whole life experience of a horse –  “There are many ways to train a horse, but I think of the things beyond… Read More