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Absorbine Field Trip

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Absorbine Blog Photography

This January, our team hired a professional photographer and headed to warmer parts of the US for an Absorbine field trip! No, the purpose was not tanning, though I did get some serious color on my nose and neck regions.

The purpose of the trip was to gather pictures of real horse owners and their mounts for our new website. We’ll be rolling out this all-new site in a few months, and it’s looking to be the best one yet! The site will feature innovative new products from Absorbine, beautiful horse-world images, new video and more! It’s a pretty big deal.

Here are behind the scenes pictures from “on location.”

In this shot, our models, Eva and her trainer were trotting around in a circle so the photographer could get close-ups of the horse’s legs in action. This wasn’t even the most adrenalin-inducing shot for the brave photographer (next blog post), but he was a seasoned vet and took it all in stride! We do not recommend trying this home.

Absorbine Blog Photography

Eva- “What’s that man doing on the ground?”

Here is Eva from the photographer’s perspective. She’s showing us her stride, but I think she’d rather be jumping!

Absorbine Blog Photography
Absorbine Blog Photography


We had Molly along with us to help direct and to make sure that the beautiful horses were shown in their best light.

Absorbine’s grooming expert, Molly O’Brien


Thanks for reading and expect a follow-up post featuring the next location from this recent Absorbine field trip!

-Team Absorbine

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