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Flex+Max®: The Easy Choice for Maximized Equine Joint Care

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Flex+Max®: The Easy Choice for Maximized Equine Joint Care

So your horse needs a joint supplement. To be honest, few equestrian shopping experiences can prompt anxiety like entering the “glucosamine aisle”: towering stacks of white buckets, all claiming to lube your horse’s hocks for Olympic-level spring and Futurity-style slide. Ingredients you can’t pronounce. Fine print you need your glasses for. Prices you need a second job for.

Flex+Max® has been simplifying equine joint care for more than a decade. Here is why it is the comprehensive joint supplement choice you can make with confidence: only the ingredients joints need, delivered at optimal levels, in pellets your horse will gobble and at a price you can afford. This comprehensive equine joint supplement delivers all of the key joint health ingredients your horse needs, in 100% palatable horse-approved eat-every-last-one pellets!


We are Absorbine®, so you know we source high-quality ingredients. 

No fillers

Optimum levels as recommended by equine nutritionists and veterinarians

Guaranteed levels of those ingredients


It wouldn’t be a joint supplement without glucosamine. The difference in Flex+Max® is the amount. We deliver 10,000 mg of the good stuff, the ideal level for joint health and cartilage development.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate is actually produced naturally by the horse’s body, but hardworking or aging horses often do not produce enough. The 1,200 mg in Flex+Max® delivers what your horse needs, and is optimized for easiest absorption. Our chondroitin is low molecular weight: it’s five times smaller than chondroitin sulfate used in many other equine joint care supplements. This enhances bioavailability for quick delivery right to the joint cartilage.

Flex Max Equine Joint Supplement Description, person holding a horse's hoof off the ground


This natural joint care ingredient provides support for normal cellular function within the joints, and helps ease discomfort. At 5,000 mg, your horse will be getting just the right amount for best results.

Hylauronic Acid (HA)

Another staple in joint care, there’s 150 mg of Hylauronic Acid in Flex+Max® for an additional boost in joint performance and mobility.


An herbal extract known for its ant-inflammatory properties, this key ingredient helps decrease normal inflammatory pathways.

Rice Bran and Flaxseed

These all-natural ingredients ensure that active ingredients are delivered to joints at the maximum levels. Plus, it’s all flavored with irresistible Fenugreek flavor that guarantees palatability. 

Affordable Joint Care

Not only does Flex+Max® deliver the optimal levels of key joint ingredients, but it does so at an affordable cost per day. Browse the joint care aisle and you’ll quickly see that this is hard to come by. At just $1.66 per day, Flex+Max® is a fantastic value. Take a look at this nifty comparison chart and see how we measure up to other popular supplements (late 2018):

FlexPlusMax Compared to Cosequine

Not bad! Put the extra cash towards that new saddle and boots, rather than into fillers that your horse’s joint supplement just doesn’t need.

Here's how Flex+Max compares to Cosequine® ASU

Flex+Max compared to Cosequine

Maximized Reviews

Ask people who use it. We can tell you that Flex+Max® has long been one of our best selling products, carries the NASC seal of quality, and is routinely recommended by veterinarians and professionals. But it's not just the professionals who rave about this pelleted hose joint supplement. Horse people write us about how Flex+Max® has helped horses maintain top performance, regain mobility after injuries, maintain comfort through aging, and stay at their best through tough training.

Here’s some of the great feedback!

“I’m a young professional dressage rider that has been using Flex+Max® on my now 20+ year old FEI horse for the past three years. I’m extremely impressed with the quality, effectiveness, and affordable price point of this supplement. It is the only joint supplement that contains the optimum amounts of active ingredients but doesn’t break my budget. I have trained my horse from scratch, and trust this product to keep him healthy and happy. He actually keeps getting better despite his age, and I attribute some of this to Flex+Max®. I rarely write reviews for products but this is one I can truly say is a great product that I highly recommend to all of my clients! I have used other joint supplements in the past with less positive results. Thank you Absorbine®!”


“I was looking for something that was reasonably priced but gave my horse all the support he needs to train and compete. On Flex+Max®, he feels great and is back to jumping and loving every minute of it. We have tried many joint supplements and Flex+Max® is my all-time favorite.”


“About three years ago my now 23-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare become unsound due to her hocks, and riding was out of the question. I asked my vet about joint supplements and she said it was worth a shot. I started her on a different brand and saw no noticeable difference after several months. I saw Flex+Max® contained Boswellia, which can help with joint pain and arthritis, so I tried it. Wow! I do believe this helped my mare greatly. You could tell she was uncomfortable when she stood, now she seems to stand without discomfort and moves freely. She will run unlike before. I was only giving this in the winter because that is when she seemed to ache more, but now I give it year round. I do believe it works.”


Stories like these fill our hearts knowing Flex+Max® is helping horses perform at their best, and making their owner’s lives a little easier. We hope that next time you venture down that scary joint care aisle, a friendly bucket of Flex+Max® will make your life, and your horse’s life, a little easier.

Highly palatable pelleted supplement available in 30 day 60 day containers. 100% money-back guarantee. Find a store and learn more by clicking here.

Always consult your veterinarian before changing your horse’s regimen.



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