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Silver Honey® Hot Spot & Wound Care Spray Gel


The first product to combine the natural power of Manuka Honey and MicroSilver BG™, Silver Honey® Hot Spot & Wound Care is dog wound care that’s tough on bacteria but gentle on skin. Proven to stop 99.9% of bacteria immediately to start healing faster, its revolutionary formula provides long-lasting protection and moisturizes the treatment area. Fast-acting antibiotic-free treatment of hot spots, dermatitis, cuts, abrasions, sores, rashes and lesions.  

  • Effective and natural ingredients for rapid healing on all animals, all species
  • PROTECTION: Fast healing and protection from infection
  • ANTIBIOTIC-FREE: Medical-grade ingredients kill 99.9% of germs immediately without the use of antibiotics
  • SOOTHING: Soothes discomfort and helps reduce the desire to bite and scratch
  • ANY WOUND: Hot spots, rashes, itchy skin, redness, cuts, chapped skin, paw irritations, etc.
  • COVERAGE:  The 8 fl. oz. spray gel is designed to stay in place while providing continuous coverage to the wound. Its touch-free application is ideal for treating larger areas of the skin.

    Can I use Neosporin for dogs? People might use it, but it is not designed for use on pets. Unlike putting Neosporin on dogs which uses antibiotics and needs constant application, Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care leaves the natural beneficial biome of your pet’s skin intact while instantly killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria with once a day application. This leads to faster recoveries so your pet can get back to being themselves.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Chuck and Bette
    For dogs ? Silver Honey

    Does Tractor Supply sell this item ? At the Tractor Supply store in Apache Junction/ East Mesa ? ? I thought I read some where t that you did….. I know that they sell Absorbine for horses as we both that …. Our dog has allergies due to being so hot here, and scratching her self raw, also licking her paws…. Will product help ? ?

    Teresa Duffer
    This medicine capable of clearing skin infections!

    My dog has had a skin condition for 18months I’ve took him to 2 different vets We have tried everything. 2 RXs ofAntibiotics Spray anti itch skin conditioners and aloe. Nothing worked more than2 days. I used this silver honey spray 2 x day for 2 weeks. His skin cleared up in 10 days Rash has not come back since. Thank you so much!!!

    Christy from Chesapeake
    Silver honey

    It works great Nash left his paws alone. Anything with silver in it helps healing in my opinion

    I was afraid my dog would lick the honey, but he didn't

    This is a fast acting, powerful product for hot spots! The hot spot was healed in days and my dog never wanted to lick off the spray liquid. I like the touch free application of the spray bottle.

    Easy to use, great results!

    So easy to use. My dog was great while I sprayed the small wound on her leg. Within in just days the cut was already closed and well on its way to being fully healed. I have heard of people using honey on wounds, this product made me a believer in that!