Flex+Max® Joint Health Supplement


Protect joint health to
the Flex+Max®.

Your horse’s joints are subject to damaging
stress every single day. While most occurs when
the horse is performing or training, even just
walking and trotting around a pasture adds
stress. As time goes on, that everyday wear and
tear can lead to joint problems.


The culprit is inflammation.

As your horse works and ages, they’re continually fighting damage from:

  • Free radicals that break down the protective fluid that lubricates cartilage
  • Degradative enzymes that cause cartilage, ligament and tendon deterioration

This is why Flex+Max utilizes nutrients that support each
element of your horse’s joint health.

Equine Joint

Prolong the career and comfort of your
horse with Flex+Max®

With more in every scoop Flex+Max® gives your horse the most powerful
combination of joint health support for unmatched results – guaranteed

Try it and see for yourself.

Rave Reviews from horse owners.

As with any older horse, comfort and well-being are my primary concerns for Patrick. With Flex+Max®, however, joint pain doesn’t have to be a concern. Even at 26 years old, he is able to perform at his peak and looks and acts no older than 10. I have seen noticeable improvement in Patrick’s movement and comfort since starting him on Flex+Max® in 2017. Absorbine offers the highest quality and best results in their supplements, and are the only ones I trust to keep Patrick happy and healthy.

Sarah Schaaf
Owner, Trainer, Exhibitor

I was looking for something that was reasonably priced but gave my horse all the support he needs to train and compete. He feels great and is back to jumping and loving every minute of it. We have tried many joint supplements and Flex+Max is my all-time favorite.


I’m a young professional dressage rider that has been using Flex+Max on my now 20+ year old FEI horse for the past 3+ years. It is the only joint supplement with the optimum amount of active ingredients and doesn’t break my budget. I have trained my horse from scratch, and trust this product to help keep him healthy and happy. He actually keeps getting better despite his age, and I attribute some of this to Flex+Max. This is a great product that I highly recommend to all of my clients! Thank you Absorbine!

Owner, Competitor