Body Wash Recipe

1930 Body WashAbsorbine Veterinary Liniment works wonders on the sore muscles and joints of your horse. It can help keep your horse’s hooves from getting a fungal or bacterial infection. But did you know that you can also make up an invigorating body wash to rinse away sweat and dirt? As you can see from the picture to the left, this is not a new application for AVL but it works as well today as it did in 1892!


Mix in a pail:Vet Lin Gallon Angled 2.08

  • 4oz (1/2 cup) Absorbine Veterinary Liniment
  • 8oz (1 cup) vinegar
  • 24oz (3 cups) cool water

Apply with a sponge or cloth to the horse avoiding their face. This recipe will invigorate your horse and brace their skin after a sweaty workout or a long ride.
It’s a nice treat for your hard working horse!