Why grooming is so important?

Grooming not only helps your horse look their best, but it also helps to keep their skin and coat healthy – and because your horse’s skin is his biggest organ this is key!  Grooming also gives you the opportunity to run your hands over your horse to look for any injuries or irregularities that may be signs of skin issues cropping up; knowing what is “normal” for your horse will help you identify any potential issues much faster.

Time spent grooming gives you time to bond and build a stronger relationship with your equine partner – whether your goals are in the show ring or on the trails, the relationship you build while grooming and working with your horse on the ground will translate to a stronger partnership while in the saddle.  Keeping your horse’s skin and coat glowing, clean and healthy will help ensure you are ready for any opportunity that comes your way, and it will help eliminate any troublesome skin issues that could impact your time together.

Did you know?

ShowSheen® is the only equine detangler PROVEN to reduce hair breakage by 40%.  And of course, ShowSheen® is renowned for providing stronger, healthier hair and and unparalleled radiant shine!  Beautiful, long, strong manes and tails take a long time to grow so it is important to protect them and keep the hair in the best condition possible. With ShowSheen you can detangle your horse’s mane and tail without worry. Read all about how ShowSheen has been proven to protect your horse’s hair from damage due to brushing.


Why Julie Goodnight Loves ShowSheen for Grooming


5 ShowSheen Uses Beyond the Ring

ShowSheen is a staple in so many barns because it is such a versatile product.  You can always rely on it to keep your horses shining, but did you know about all the other reasons to love ShowSheen too?

  • Use it on the mane and tail as part of your regular grooming routine to keep them tangle-free
  • Apply it after grooming to keep dust, dirt and mud from sticking to the coat during turnout and keep your horse cleaner longer (avoid the saddle area though!)
  • Use it to remove burrs and stubborn debris from manes and tails
  • Use it before clipping to reduce friction, keep blades sharp, and reduce clipper lines
  • Use it under blankets to help eliminate static in cold weather (avoid the saddle area if you plan to ride soon after)



5 Pro Tips from Julie Goodnight
to Achieve Show Ring Shine

  1. Start with a thorough bath using shampoo made for horses. A horse’s skin is four times more sensitive than a human’s, so choosing a product that is pH balanced for a horse’s sensitive skin is important.
  2. Add a conditioner to your coat care routine. Look for a product that both cleans and conditions to save time and money.
  3. Use a detangling product on both manes and tails to save time while grooming and help protect the hair. Spray the hair while wet and gently comb through with fingers.
  4. To make your horse’s coat, mane and tail stay clean longer, spray with a product like ShowSheen that helps repel dust (just avoid the saddle area).
  5. After the tail is dry, gently braid and put up in a tail bag to prevent breakage and keep the tail from getting


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