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UltraShield® Sport Insecticide & Repellent


When you want to protect your horse in hot or humid conditions, UltraShield® Sport sweat-resistant fly spray works as hard as you and your equine partner. 32oz Spray Bottle and Gallon sizes. 

  • Provides sweat-resistant protection for heavy workouts in the hottest, most humid weather - won't sweat off
  • Repels and kills mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile virus
  • Protects against biting and nuisance flies and gnats
  • Water-based formula won’t attract dust
  • Long-lasting repellency that protects and stays active for up to 14 days, even after rain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My Favorite

Works very well. Last 14 days? Not in Indiana but that's to be expected I think. It does last the longest. We had some small scrapes from trail riding and I didn't catch them, but the FLIES sure did the next day. A bath and this spray and she was all good. It's been 48 hours and still no flies. I wish this one contained sun screen for the best of all worlds. Kept in stock in my barn and trailer

14 days? Definitely not

It lasts as long as any other fly spray, about 24 hours. The scent isn’t that bad, but I do not like the sprayer design, it makes spraying a targeted area like the leg impossible - a lot of waste.

Hi Abby, thanks for the feedback! The 14 day claim is under test conditions, like all other fly sprays. For the sprayer did you try adjusting it to its vertical spray position specially designed for applying to a horse's legs?

It works

It doesn't last for days as it states but it is very effective for one day.

Best fly spray!

This fly apart lasts really long and I love the nozzle that lets you spray sideways and upside down for those hard to reach places. This is my go to fly spray and I won’t ever use anything else.