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Absorbine® CoolDown®


Cools and refreshes after workouts and on hot days. Made with 12 herbs and essential oils, it also conditions the skin and coat, helping to replace oils that may be lost due to sweating. 32oz Bottle.

  • Ideal for daily use
  • Soap-free formula cuts through sweat and grime with no need to wash off
  • Great option for horses who may not tolerate strong liniments
  • Provides soothing aromatherapy
  • Concentrated formula makes 32 gallons
Highly concentrated. Use 1 oz. per gallon of water, then sponge onto legs and body or put in a spray bottle and spray on. No need to wash off. There is no soap, yet due to botanical ingredients, CoolDown may foam slightly when pressurized water is added. The suds will dissipate after a few minutes.
rosemary oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, arnica extract, celery root extract, Candian willowherb, aloe vera juice, cinnamomum camphora, clove leaf oil, lobelia oil, oil of sassafras, oil of spike, witch hazel, natural grain alcohol, colorant in a proprietary base.

Customer Reviews

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Love it! But wish it came in a bigger size.

I love this product! I’m in Louisiana where it is always hot and humid in the summer. Temps have been reaching up to 104 or higher this summer. I use this every day on every horse I ride! Wish it came in a bigger size, though. I’d buy it by the gallon.

Wonderful but please sell in gallons!

Best product to help cool skin when horse is hot. Here in Florida it’s really hard to cool them down, in summer the water coming out of the ground is tepid, this really helps, but I would love to be able to purchase it by the gallon!!

Awesome Product Can't say enough about it

It's works very well. I use it on my 26 yr American Quarter Horse Foundation Racing bred mare. She Loves this stuff! Just as much as I too. Really helps her cool down and relax in the summer heat . Or when she is a little stiff. From playing with her friends the next day . It's just all around a awesome product!

Works well

I love this it makes my horse feel fresh and no residue

The Backyard Horse Blog
Sweetly Scented Cooling Rinse

CoolDown is a favorite Absorbine product of mine. I reviewed CoolDown on The Backyard Horse Blog in June 2020 at CoolDown sports a sweet, refreshing smell that is so relaxing after a ride. I find the product works well for eliminating those saddle sweat marks too. It is definitely a fun addition to my tack box.