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Protect Joint Health
the Flex+Max®

Your horse’s joints are subject to damaging
stress every single day. While most occurs when the horse is performing or training, even just walking and trotting around a pasture adds stress. As time goes on, that everyday wear and tear can lead to joint problems.

With more power in every scoop,
Flex+Max is the
ultimate joint support
for unbeatable results.

The culprit is inflammation.

As your horse works and ages, they’re continually fighting damage from:

  • Free radicals that break down the protective fluid that lubricates cartilage
  • Degradative enzymes that cause cartilage, ligament and tendon deterioration

This is why Flex+Max utilizes nutrients that support each
element of your horse’s joint health.

Prolong the career and comfort of your horse with Flex+Max®

With more in every scoop Flex+Max® gives your horse the most powerful
combination of joint health support for unmatched results – guaranteed

Try it and see for yourself.