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We want to hear from equestrians like you, whether you’ve been using
ShowSheen for five minutes or 50 years!

Submit a photo of your horse looking their best and a brief paragraph about what ShowSheen means to you for the chance to win an amazing prize pack.

Contest runs from April 1-August 31, 2024.

In 1974, Absorbine® launched what was to become the gold standard of grooming products: ShowSheen®. The iconic first-of-its-kind grooming spray is the world's No. 1 grooming aid.
Over the years, Absorbine® developed a collection of effective ShowSheen® products that have become staples in tack trunks worldwide. Owners keep their horses looking their best in the show arena and on the trail with ShowSheen®.
Showsheen® promotes your horses' health and wellbeing with pro-vitamins, silk proteins, and other ingredients to moisturize and nourish coats, manes, and tails.
It’s more than a product.
It’s a legacy of love for all horses.

Benefits in Every Bottle

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ShowSheen Original
Hair Polish & Detangler

Detangler Gel

Miracle Groom

Finishing Mist

ShowSheen 2-in-1
Shampoo & Conditioner

ShowSheen Stain
Remover & Whitener


The only grooming aid
clinically proven to reduce
hair breakage by 40%

Detangles and deep
conditions with Argan Oil
for a high-gloss luster

Our bath in a bottle cleans,
conditions, and deodorizes
with no water needed

Provides light, even
coverage touch up the
perfect shine

Deep cleans and
conditions in one easy step
-paraben and sulfate free

Whitens whites and lifts
stains quickly with color

safe Oxi-Eraser formula

Instantly Detangles

Healthy, Radiant Shine

Contains Conditioners

Prevents Stains

Removes Stains

No Greasy Residue

For Use on Horses

For Use on Dogs

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Putting ShowSheen® Original Hair Polish & Detangler to the Test

Clinically proven to reduce
breakage by 40%

Across independent, repeated grooming experiments comparing broken fibers.

Proven to instantly add volume and improve appearance

By filling and smoothing the hair shaft, as seen when comparing and analyzing surface hair fiber condition using scanning electron microscopy.

Decreases dry combing force by 38%

As demonstrated by brushing trials measuring frictional forces.


Nose-to-Tail Grooming

Made Easy Since 1974

The Truth About ShowSheen®

ShowSheen® products are meticulously formulated by haircare professionals, with top-quality, salon-inspired ingredients that deliver exceptional results — keeping your horses’ coats, manes, and tails healthy and looking luminous.

Not Just for Show Horses

Horses of all trots of life deserve magnificent skin, coats, manes, and tails. Whether they’re in the winner’s circle or just enjoying time in the pasture, our products help to bring out their true radiance. Plus, it’s great for dogs, cattle, llamas, sheep, and more!

Premium-Quality Products

Trusted for generations, our products are safe, gentle, and contain pro-vitamins and silk proteins that nourish and protect — improving hair quality, shine, and texture.

A Lineage You Can Count On

Part of the W.F. Young family, ShowSheen® is one of the many high-quality brands from Absorbine®, the Horse World's Most Trusted Name® - delivering innovative horse care products since 1892.

The Importance of Grooming

See why Julie Goodnight views grooming as an essential part of horse care, and check out her tips and tricks for getting the most out of your grooming session.

Straight from the Horse Owner’s Mouth

When it comes to equine grooming products, ShowSheen® is leading the herd. But don’t just take our word for it — hear from our satisfied customers around the world!

ShowSheen® is a grooming product that has withstood the test of time.

I no longer attend horse shows every weekend, but I still want my horses to look great. I want long, thick manes, full tails and a coat with a radiant shine and bright dapples. ShowSheen® is a grooming product that has withstood the test of time.

— Julie Goodnight,    
    renowned trainer and horsewoman

We use ShowSheen® every day.

We use ShowSheen® every day for everything from tail detangler to spot removing. We have a lot of sales horses in the barn, so our horses are always well turned out. ShowSheen® is an everyday product that we use on every horse.

— Sinead Halpin,   
    5-star Event Competitor, Trainer & Clinician

The gold standard in grooming products.

The gold standard in grooming products. I have been purchasing ShowSheen® for decades. No competition when it comes to mane and tail care.

— Tina,   
    Absorbine Customer