Hooflex® Field Test Results

Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement:
Proven to Help Support Healthy Hoof Growth


In a recent field test, horses fed Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement showed a significant increase in hoof growth after a six-month period of use.

  • Average hoof growth: 2.43 inches (vs. typical 1.9 inches without supplement)
  • 33% of horses in test saw 3 inches or more of hoof growth
  • 84% of horses in test saw 2 inches or more of hoof growth





Nutritionist-formulated Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder features targeted ingredients that provide the essential building blocks for supporting strong, healthy hooves—including prebiotics and chelated minerals for high bioavailability.

Minerals Matter

Zinpro Performance Minerals® 4-Plex®C delivers essential hoof minerals (zinc, copper, manganese, and cobalt) in chelated form for optimal utilization.

  • Performance minerals must meet five essential performance criteria: return, response, repeatability, research and reassurance
  • Chelated minerals feature minerals combined with amino acids and peptides, helping make the minerals more digestible and enhancing their bioavailability

The Power of Prebiotics

Prebiotics are natural, non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth or activity of healthy bacteria in the digestive system. Optimizing growth of these microbes helps maintain a healthy and resilient hindgut while also helping support feed digestibility and efficiency—all reasons why we’ve included two proven probiotic ingredients in our Hooflex® supplement:

Tasco® AOS helps support healthy digestive functions so that your horse can make the most out of every Hooflex Concentrated Hoof Builder pellet. Tasco AOS is a natural marine plant product that contains complex polymers of Alginate.

Diamond V® Original XPC™ also provides prebiotic activity that helps support digestive health. All-natural Original XPC is produced using a proprietary Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation technology that generates unique functional metabolites proven to be beneficial for animals.


  • Biotin: 24 mg
  • Methionine: 3363 mg
  • Lysine: 1596 mg
  • Zinc: 257 mg
  • Copper: 90 mg

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement in Supporting Hoof Growth

A field test was conducted with farriers from the American and Canadian Association of Professional Farriers as well as members of The Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard in Connecticut.

  • 50 horses throughout the U.S. and Canada were placed on Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement
  • Participating horses ranged in age from 7 to 28
  • Participants included a variety of breeds and types including Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, draft horses, and warmbloods
  • The horses took part in a variety of activities, from pleasure riding to competitive disciplines, and included a state militia unit and drill team, as well as horses involved in polo, trail riding, dressage, eventing, and hunter/jumper.

The field test horses were fed a two-ounce serving of Hooflex Concentrated Hoof Builder once daily starting in September 2014. The field test was conducted over a period of six months, with each horse maintaining a regular schedule of hoof care with its farrier. Regular photographs and measurements were taken, and assessments were conducted by participating farriers throughout the test to evaluate the efficacy of the supplement.

HOOFLEX® Concentrated Hoof Builder in Action

Horse: Val, 17-year-old Belgian Warmblood, Stealaway, Inc.
Farrier: Dave Farley, APF, CF, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame
“Dave (Farley, the farrier) was VERY impressed by the condition of our horses’ hooves! He saw growth that should have taken a YEAR! He also said the quality of the hoof improved tremendously!”
—Mandy Patterson, Assistant Trainer,
Stealaway Inc., a premier hunter/jumper facility


Horse: Chloe, 8-Year-Old Thoroughbred
Farrier: Cathy Lesperance, APF



“There has been a huge improvement in how (the horses) are holding their shoes and clinches, and their hoof walls are staying strong.”
—Cathy Lesperance, APF


Horse: Flash, 28-year-old Quarter Horse
Farrier: Cathy Lesperance, APF


“Flash’s feet are in good condition. The hoof wall was not breaking down around the nails as they did previously. He’s holding shoes very well!”—Cathy Lesperance, APF
“It worked! Every time I visited the horses in the field test, I saw significant hoof growth. Not only was the growth impressive, the quality of the hoof growth was as well.”— Brent Brown, APF


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