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Magic Cushion® Xtreme Hoof Packing


Magic Cushion® hoof packing is proven* to provide fast, soothing relief for overworked, overheated hooves. It helps supports hoof health in several ways, and starts working to reduce hoof heat within one hour. Magic Cushion is trusted by top farriers, and uses natural ingredients. It can be used as needed, or packed under a shoe and pad and left in place through the shoeing cycle. Magic Cushion® Xtreme uses a higher concentration of ingredients than original Magic Cushion® to provide faster, stronger relief for performance horses. 2 lb, 4 lb and 8 lb sized tubs.

  • Proven to reduce hoof heat*
  • Hooflex Magic Cushion does not contain any substances currently prohibited by USEF or FEI
  • Fast acting and long lasting
  • Helps relieve symptoms associated with hoof concussion and trauma*
  • Calms sole and frog inflammation and soreness
Directions for Use: Thoroughly clean hoof using a hoof pick and wire brush if necessary. Due to the sticky nature of the ingredients you may want to use gloves to apply. Excess product may be removed with isopropyl alcohol. For packing under shoe and pad: Pack hoof sole with magic Cushion prior to nailing or gluing on pad and shoe. For packing overnight: Pack hoof sole with Magic Cushion to a depth of ½ inch. For optimal results, especially barefoot horses, cover sole with paper or plastic, then cover entire hoof and sole with self-adhering wrap or hoof boot. Reapply every 24-48 hours until condition improves
turpentine, iodine, natural leather and wool fibers, rosin

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Easy to use

We don't need to pack hooves very often but when we do this is our go to product. Easy to apply and does the job.

Barn Maid 4-H
Works great!

Works great for barefoot horses on hard ground. Just put it in the foot before you ride to help with sore feet on hard ground.

I don't notice a difference

I would say this is almost the say as the regular Magic Cushion. It's also a bit pricey for the sizes.