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Finally, a better way to treat scratches.

Silver Honey® Rapid Skin Relief Vet Strength Scratches Spray delivers rapid healing and soothing relief with Manuka Honey, MicroSilver BG® and innovative RapidSorbTM Technology. Designed specifically for Pastern Dermatitis, more commonly known as scratches, mud fever, or greasy heel.

  • RapidSorbTM Technology microencapsulates ingredients for faster, deeper absorption into thickened skin and scabs
  • Proven to stop 99.9% of bacteria immediately with long lasting antimicrobial and antifungal activity
  • Includes a powerful blend of essential oils to deliver immediate relief to irritated, uncomfortable skin

Manuka Honey

supports rapid healing and debridement of scabs

MicroSilver BG®

delivers powerful antifungal and antibacterial action

Essential Oils

provide soothing relief to irritated, uncomfortable skin

Relieves discomfort and treats better than anything else you've tried.

The results speak for themselves with a mess-free, touch-free spray that's easy to use and works fast without the need for harsh chemicals or antibiotics!

How does RapidSorb™ Technology make this treatment different?

This innovative technology heals scratches faster and more effectively by microencapsulating key ingredients (Manuka Honey and essential oils). This:

  • Ensures absorption through thickened skin and scabs
  • Delivers immediate relief and rapid healing for even the toughest, most persistent scratches cases

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should I apply Silver Honey® Vet Strength Scratches Spray, and how is it applied?

The Scratches Spray should be applied daily for best results, and this application rate should be suitable for most scratches cases. In severe cases the product can be applied twice daily. To apply correctly, spray the affected area until fully saturated.

How is this different than other Silver Honey® products?

Scratches in horses presents unique challenges for treatment and healing that you don't necessarily see with other wounds and skin conditions. The Scratches Spray has been specifically designed to address these unique challenges with RapidSorb™ Technology. The Silver Honey® Spray Gel and Ointment are outstanding for treating and healing a wide variety of wounds and skin conditions and are a staple to have on hand in any horse owner's first aid kit.

The Spray Gel and Ointment are still our recommended go-to for wounds, cuts, injuries and general skin conditions, but now for horse owners struggling with scratches, there is a dedicated Silver Honey® formula with unique ingredients and technology to address the specific challenges with treating and healing the condition.

How long will it take for the product to work?

The antibacterial and antifungal activity starts working within the first hour. The ingredients also start providing soothing relief for the discomfort associated with scratches infection quickly.

It's realistic to expect to see signs of healing within the first few applications, specifically less visible redness, a reduction in inflammation and swelling if present, and the start of scab tissue to begin drying out and falling off, revealing healthy skin underneath.

The timeline to fully heal a case of scratches will depend on the severity of the infection, as well as the environment. For mild cases with smaller localized infection and scabbing, it's realistic to expect healing within 1-2 weeks with daily application. For more serious cases, where larger areas of the pastern, heel bulbs and/or cannon are involved, it may take 2-4 weeks for a full and complete recovery.

What makes this product different than anything else I've tried for scratches?

Silver Honey® Vet Strength Scratches Spray is the first and only dedicated scratches treatment that combines the power of manuka honey, MicroSilver BG®, and essential oils to deliver fast and effective healing without antibiotics or harsh chemicals. With the added advantage of RapidSorb™ Technology allowing better absorption of key ingredients through thickened skin and scabs, this treatment takes a different approach to healing the infection than anything else available today.

How many sprays are in the bottle?

There are approximately 150 sprays per bottle.

Results backed by research.

The purpose of this in-vitro study was to confirm that Silver Honey® Vet Strength Scratches Spray is an effective antibacterial and antifungal in 4 microbial species known to be of concern with Pastern Dermatitis. The results of the study showed that:

  • 1 hour after introduction both D. congolensis and T. rubrum showed no growth or 0 CFU/mL. A. aureus was reduced to 15 CFU/mL and C. albicans was reduced to 1,500 CFU/mL.     
  • By hour 24, all 4 species showed no growth, or 0 CFU/mL.

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