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Absorbine's 2019 Dream Riding Vacation Sweepstakes Winners - The Sunnucks Family!

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Absorbine's 2019 Dream Riding Vacation Sweepstakes Winners - The Sunnucks Family! - Absorbine

Team Absorbine® is happy to announce the winner of 2019’s “Absorbine® Dream Riding Vacation Sweepstakes” – John Sunnucks & Family! Our sweepstakes was shared online and on tags attached to our revolutionary new ShowSheen® and UltraShield® packaging we launched this year. We are grateful to have received so many entries from Absorbine® customers, you guys rock! To make it completely fair we used a random number generator to choose our lucky winner, and we picked John’s number.

The horse-loving Sunnucks family are from Allen, TX. While they don’t own horses right now, they’re always finding time to spend with them. Just like their parents the two boys really love to ride and be around horses any chance they can get – it’s truly a family affair!

Two young boys in cowboy hats with interlinked arms

“My wife’s uncle has a farm in LaVernia, Texas and they have horses. We don’t get to see them as much as we would like but it’s fun when we go.” says John. “The boys like Sky; Sky is a favorite of the boys because even though they don’t go fast on him, he is huge and was fast in his earlier days.”

The Sunnucks also visit riding facilities for organized family riding trips. “Our best riding experience was to a dude ranch. Lots of different horses to ride every day, multiple times a day.” John explained to us. The boys liked it too and told their parents “This is awesome…we should do this every day!”

Well, we’re positive the Sunnucks Family will make great use of their prize in creating a Dream FAMILY Riding Vacation, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Have fun guys and thank you for using Absorbine® Horse Care products and see you on the trails!

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