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Bute-Less Equine Supplement

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Bute-Less Equine Supplement

Sensing discomfort in a friend is something we do almost unconsciously. We can tell just by looking at them, or from the tone of their voice. A human friend will confirm it when asked, but detecting discomfort in your horse can be much more difficult. Many times there are subtle signals, like refusing normal commands, vigorous tail swishing, trouble with lead changes, or a grumpy attitude. A dash of intuition and careful observation will usually tip us off when there is a problem. Some more obvious signs of a horse’s discomfort can include unusual bucking, biting, rearing, holding a tight or “hollow” back, shaking of the head and similar actions.

While some obvious causes of soreness like a pulled tendon or a laceration have straight-forward treatments, many horses will live with discomfort for the rest of their lives. Even once we’ve detected it and the cause is diagnosed, our vet may not have many options to keep our horses comfortable indefinitely. Many of the medicines commonly prescribed today have serious side effects, like gastric irritation and resulting ulcers, so horse owners shy away from using them in the long-term.

Bute-Less Comfort and Recovery Supplement

As horses live longer lives thanks to better nutrition and veterinary medicine, many of us are faced with the challenges of caring for senior horses, as we strive to keep them comfortable in their golden years. Absorbine® Bute-Less can offer your horse support for a healthy inflammatory response, and eases discomfort associated with exercise and aging. It is gentle on the stomach and is easily administered as a daily supplement.

Ingredients & Forms:

Active ingredients in Bute-Less include natural Devil’s Claw Extract and Yucca Schidigera Extract, as well as Vitamin B-12. Bute-Less is available in three convenient forms, as pellets, paste syringes, and solution. Formerly known as Equine America® B-L®, our supplement is proven to be gentle on the stomach, making it ideal for long-term use. Search the reviews online and you’ll find that it’s highly rated and recommended, with comments like this:


“I finished the 30 days and my 19 year old mare was much springier and more ‘playful’ than I can remember! Even in the heat of the late summer!!! RAVE REVIEWS FROM ME!”

-Andrea H., Florida


Q: Can you use Bute-Less long term?

A: Yes, this is meant to use daily and long-term

Q: Can you use Bute-Less with Flex+Max or other Absorbine supplements?

A: You can use any and all Absorbine Supplements together. You can use Bute-Less with most joint supplements as it does not contain the same typical joint ingredients. Always compare ingredients so you re not overserving any one ingredient

Q: Can you switch back and forth between Bute-Less and "bute" or another RX NSAID? 

A: Yes, you can switch back and forth as needed the very next day. Just never feed both on any one day. 

So, if you sense that your equine friend is sore and you’re looking for a way to offer comfort for the long-term, try Absorbine® Bute-Less™. If you or your four legged friend aren’t happy with the results, let us know. Absorbine stands behind our products 100%.


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