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Healing a Flexor Tendon Surgical Wound with Silver Honey

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Healing a Flexor Tendon Surgical Wound with Silver Honey - Absorbine

We knew when we created Silver Honey® Rapid Wound Repair we had something impactful to share with the animal-loving world. Our veterinarian-lead testing produced results that gave us confidence this product lived up to the Absorbine® promise of effective, safe products people can trust. What we couldn’t anticipate was the absolute deluge of positive testimonials and stories of rapid, complete healing which people have not seen before. These stories serve to fuel our passion for improving the lives of animals! Thank you to Teri for sending in this incredible story of your pedigreed Arabian stallion's journey from injury to surgery to healed.


"Serr Basiir Tarika suffered a right forelimb tendon sheath laceration with medial branch SDFT tearing and a small median DDFT (10%) on the palmar pastern digital flexor tendon sheath on 3/6/22.  He had a three-hour surgery to repair the injury.  I don't have photos from the month he spent in the vet clinic.  It is an hour and a half from my house.  I can certainly ask if they have photos.  However, I brought him home after the wound first closed and started my own care.  The vet was putting bacitracin on the wound and wrapping it.  I used the bacitracin twice and didn't feel like we were making the progress I wanted to see.  

I work in a wound clinic as the Director of Nursing.  I certainly am no expert.  However, my nursing team is.  I have learned about Medihoney and silver-based products from them.  I was looking for a better product to apply to Basiir's wound that I felt was more evidenced based with what it could do for his wound healing clinically.  I found your product.  I looked up journal information as well as YouTube interviews and decided I would order.  You will see in the photos with the greasy appearance are the ones I was using the bacitracin. 

04/06/22 (using bacitracin, before Silver Honey)
04/20/22 (using bacitracin, before Silver Honey)

The much smaller drier appearing ones are the ones I used your product.  Not only is the wound healing; his hair has grown-in and the swelling has reduced.  

04/24/22 with Silver Honey

04/27/22 with Silver Honey (continued)

Basiir is a Straight Babson Egyptian Arabian.  He has a five-horse pedigree making him very important to the heritage preservation efforts.  I am grateful for the ability to save his life and ultimately his usability!  So grateful I found your product!!!"

Sufficed to say, the team here at Absorbine is so happy to learn this news about Basiir's road to wellness. You'll be back to your wonderful self in no time noble sir! Thanks again for bringing us in on this Teri. To learn more about Basiir, contact Teri on Facebook! 

To learn more about Silver Honey, click HERE

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