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Leather Therapy System

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Leather Therapy® is a premium, comprehensive leather care system

Leather Therapy® is a premium, comprehensive leather care system from Absorbine.® It was developed to keep leather looking as beautiful as the horses it's used with. Because people have specific needs for their leather, Leather Therapy® offers formulas for almost every situation. With so many options come questions about how to use them, and so here is the kitchen sink of leather care including details of our lineup, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), full instructions and recommended ways to care for leather, and some tips and tricks.


The System

Leather Therapy® Wash

Wash is the first step before using the other formulas. It can also be used alone on a regular basis to keep your leather clean and supple. Our leather wash deep cleans from the inside out, lifting dirt and grime from the inner fibers of leather to prevent deterioration and cracking—without leaving surface residue. It’s gentle on leather and stitching, and can be used for leather tack, boots, shoes, and jackets—even synthetic leather. It’s ideal for cleaning western tack with tooling because the residue-free formula eliminates buildup in detailed areas.

Leather Therapy® Restorer & Conditioner

This is the most popular and universal formula, but it's more than a simple leather conditioner. Restorer & Conditioner helps maintain the durability and extend the life of leather by penetrating to lift embedded oils and soaps to the surface while replenishing moisturizers to leather’s inner fibers—which also restores its supple feel and rich color. Plus, regular maintenance with this leather conditioner will inhibit mold and mildew. Use on leather and synthetic tack, riding boots, work boots, and leather apparel.

Leather Therapy® Water Repellent

Exposure to water makes valuable leather goods look and feel awful. Yet you don't want a repellent to change the appearance of your leather. Our unique water repellent protects leather, suede, and nubuck from the inside out without silicone, waxes, or oils. For best results, use following Leather Therapy® Wash.

 Leather Therapy® Finish

As the name suggests, this is a finishing touch for when you want to add a beautiful shine to your leather. Protect and shine leather with a professional formula that not only protects your investment, but also adds a handsome, lustrous shine. For best results, use following Leather Therapy® Wash.

Leather Therapy® Leather Laundry Solution

Launder dirty *flexible* leather items in the washing machine! This incredible product features a unique, patented formula that lets you machine-wash leather, fabric, and sheepskin. Our leather laundry solution has a high-efficiency, biodegradable formula that washes away grime and loosens deeply embedded dirt while maintaining the soft feel of the leather. Pour it into the liquid soap well of a traditional or HE washing machine.

Leather Therapy® Leather Laundry Rinse & Dressing

Use this as a follow up to the Leather Laundry Solution, ensuring your leather comes out conditioned and looking like new, all in the washing machine. This patented, non-detergent leather-conditioning rinse that works with Leather Laundry Solution for natural or synthetic leathers, fabrics, and sheepskin. Provides rich conditioning emollients and anti-static benefits. Pour it into the fabric softener well of a traditional or HE washing machine.

Leather Therapy® Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash

This formula is specifically designed to break down horse sweat and grime without damaging technical materials. This unique laundry concentrate washes both natural and synthetic fabrics using a special, high-efficiency formula to break down heavy stains, protein-based grime, and other contaminants. Importantly, our saddle pad wash is specifically made for waterproof, high-tech, and natural wool fabrics used in blankets, saddle pads, and protective boots and wraps. Pour it into the liquid soap well of a traditional or HE washing machine.


Leather Therapy® Saddle Pad & Blanket Rinse

The final conditioning touch for your saddle pad or blanket after you wash it. This anti-static conditioning saddle pad rinse can be used on both natural and synthetic fabrics. For use with our Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash. Pour it into the fabric softener well of a traditional or HE washing machine.

The FAQs

Q: Is it ok to use multiple Leather Therapy® products on leather at one time?

A: Yes! Start with the Leather Therapy® Wash to clean embedded dirt and grime from the leather. Be sure to let each different application absorb and dry before applying the next layer. If you plan to use the Restorer & Conditioner, apply that second. If you plan to use either the Finish or the Water Repellent apply it third – use one or the other depending on your needs.

Q: Are the laundry products ok to use in high efficiency washing machines?

A: Yes, all four laundry products are HE: Leather Laundry Solution, Laundry Rinse and Dressing, Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash, and Saddle Pad and Blanket Rinse.

Q: How should I use the Leather Therapy® products to care for new leather items?

A: Condition the leather well with the Restorer & Conditioner; this may take two applications. Then simply maintain your leather with Leather Therapy® Wash and use Restorer & Conditioner periodically.

Q: How do I clean moldy leather?


A: Start by cleaning the item with Leather Therapy® Wash. Then follow with Leather Therapy® Restorer & Conditioner, which inhibits mold and mildew and also conditions dry leather. Regular maintenance with Leather Therapy® Restorer & Conditioner will inhibit mold and mildew from returning.

Q: How do I clean synthetic leather?

A: Use Leather Therapy® Wash to clean synthetic leathers. Spray the Wash on a clean sponge or soft cloth for normal maintenance. Lightly spray the Wash on dirty leather but do not saturate, wipe away the excess Wash – no need to rinse. Test in a hidden area first.

Q: Will the Wash or Restorer & Conditioner darken light-colored leather? 

Leather Therapy® is a premium, comprehensive leather care system

A: Leather Therapy® Wash, which is non-darkening, should be used as the maintenance cleaner/conditioner to prevent sweat and dirt build-up on leather bridles and saddles. This product will not darken but it should be sprayed on a sponge so only a minimum amount of product is used. Leather Therapy® Restorer & Conditioner is not petroleum based and therefore will not significantly darken leather. For very pale leathers, you can expect a slight deepening of the natural tones. Always test on a small hidden area first. Restorer & Conditioner should be applied on the underside of the saddle panels to effectively condition the saddle while retaining the surface ‘look’. Apply to tight areas with a clean, soft bristled paintbrush – be sure to clean the paintbrush with soap and water afterwards.

Q: How do I clean suede?

A: Since suede is very porous, use all products listed below sparingly: Use a very small amount of Leather Therapy® WASH on a slightly dampened sponge and, using a light “lifting” motion, clean the surface of the suede. Repeat as necessary. Rinse the sponge as it gets dirty. Be sure to test a small area first. After completion, brush up the nap with a bristled brush and let the item dry thoroughly. To further protect the suede, ensure the item is completely dry and free of heavy soils or oils, then spray a very light coating of Water Repellent on the surface. Always test on a small hidden area first. Brush up nap with a soft bristled brush when it’s thoroughly dry. Do not use Leather Finish on suede, as it adds a sheen that does not work with the nap of suede. Do not use Restorer & Conditioner on suede, because suede is so porous it will soak up the product and may darken the suede item. Do not use Laundry Rinse and Dressing on suede because of suede’s sponge-like properties. Suede Clothing: Use Leather Laundry Solution.

Q: How do the Leather Laundry Solution and Rinse work together?

A: The Leather Laundry Solution is a biodegradable wash for leather, suede and sheepskin items such as chaps and saddle pads. Rinse & Dressing is an anti-static leather conditioner, and can be used on all the same items except for suede. The Leather Laundry Solution allows leather to absorb the conditioning agents of the Leather Rinse as it is being cleaned. The Rinse is important when laundering very dry leathers. It may be hand or sponge applied directly to the smooth leather item as it dries to maintain suppleness and flexibility. Important: The Rinse & Dressing should not be used on suede because of its sponge-like properties. Always use delicate, cold wash cycle – medium to high spin settings. Make sure to dry leather away from direct heat or sun.

Care tip: While the garment is drying, “pat” and gently stretch it once in a while to help maintain leather flexibility and provide a softer feel. When still damp put the garment on and continue to gently re-shape; this is especially important for chaps. Finish allowing the garment to dry on a towel-padded hanger.

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