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The Leather Therapy Infographic

Posted by Animal Care Team on
The Leather Therapy Infographic - Absorbine

We present the Leather Therapy Infographic to guide you on your journey to leathery greatness. You will be the envy of all who appreciate clean, well maintained leather.

Cleaning, conditioning and maintaining leather tack, boots, clothing can be a daunting prospect for us all. What do you use for different types of leather? How do you clean and condition items that are only partly leather?

Fear not!! Leather Therapy is a proven, scientifically formulated line of products that will keep your valuable saddles, stylish boots and any other tack clean, conditioned properly and help them last longer, right down to the stitching. There are formulas specifically designed to help remove sweat and grime from saddle pads and blankets, or even wash your leather apparel items right in the washing machine!

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