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Protect Your Horse from Gnats with UltraShield Green

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Protect Your Horse from Gnats with UltraShield Green

Gnats can be a pesky problem for many horse owners – and the tiny bugs have a way of being extra irritating to horses. Gnats can work their way into horses’ ears, and they tend to look for tender spots, like under the jaw, on the chest and along the underline. In some horses, gnats have been known to cause sweet itch, a type of allergic reaction that can cause swelling and sores. It’s understandable that as a horse owner, you would be looking for ways to protect your horse from gnats.

Natural Horse Fly Spray

At Absorbine®, we recommend using UltraShield® Green to help protect your horse’s sensitive areas, like the ears, from gnats. UltraShield® Green  contains seven essential oils, and is a natural fly repellent with no petroleum distillates – so owners can feel confident about using it on areas where gnats have already been biting.

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