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ShowSheen® Miracle Groom


ShowSheen® Miracle Groom® “Bath In A Bottle®” features a 5-in-1 formula that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles, and shines—no rinsing or extra water needed. Our waterless animal shampoo comes in a ready-to-use spray that works without soap or water, so it’s great when you need to thoroughly clean your horse in cold weather or climates where water is scarce. 32oz Spray Bottle.

  • Lifts stubborn dirt and dust from the coat, mane, and tail
  • Removes stains and brightens color
  • Use on all short and long-haired animals including horses, dogs, llamas, sheep and cattle (*not for use on cats)
  • To use: spray directly on the coat, on a brush, or on a towel before rubbing the animal down
Shake well before using. For coat stains: spray lightly on towel and rub backwards through the hair, then brush coat normally. For everyday grooming: lightly spray brush. Brush normally to remove dirt and dandruff. To clean and detangle mane and tail: spray directly on hair and comb through.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Helps With the Dust

A friend recommended this product to help keep my horse clean. Works great.

Deephaven Horses
Works great

I use this to clean up when it is too cold for bathing. Works great especially after my mare rolls in the sand!

Showsheen is the best.

I've been using Showsheen for a long time and have tried other similar products...but none of them work as well.

Perfect for Last-minute touch ups!

There's not always time to give a bath the morning of a show but I still want my horse clean. ShowSheen Miracle Groom spray solves that problem. A few quick sprays and a little towel work and my horse looks ring ready. Love the convenience!

Many uses!

I have used this for years. Great for a horse of any color, but gets out stains on grays! I use it on blankets to get rid of static. It also keeps loose hair from sticking. Great to get dust out of the horses coat.