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Absorbine Farrier Spotlight - Taylor Hiatt

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Absorbine Farrier Spotlight - Taylor Hiatt - Absorbine
Your farrier gives your horses’ feet some love every 4-6 weeks. This keeps the entire horse healthy and comfortable - no hoof, no horse as they say. Being a company focused on horse health, Team Absorbine rubs elbows with farriers from around the world at the International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati. Here we learn the latest in hoof care from the farriers and veterinarians who make healthy horses their life’s mission. Now we’d like to share some of that experience with you in our Absorbine Farrier Spotlight! 


This time, we interviewed Taylor Hiatt out of Memphis, TN who works with CRS Horseshoes. 

Absorbine: What made you decide to become a farrier?

Taylor: I've spent my whole life around horses, riding, and I started training out in North Carolina. I came across a farrier who had a new innovative farrier idea and technique and seeing the results was amazing. This is the shoe that I put on horses, the CRS shoe. 

A: Do you have any hoof care tips you’d like to share?

T: Owners have to be especially diligent about thrush! Anytime there’s a crack up the back of the frog, thrush is present and needs to be treated!

A: What are some things you’d like your customers to do/remember before your visit and in between visits?

T: Prepare the horse in a way that the environment is going to be safe and that the energy is overall very calm and good, so we can be there for the horse, for the farrier and everyone there. 

A: What is your most memorable hoof recovery story where you helped solve a hoof issue?

T: The farm I worked at in Memphis had a school horse with navicular. He was extremely off, just walk and trot. He was in an aluminum wedge and after a couple months we were able to put him in a CRS shoe. After 6 cycles, his overall form transformed and he was able to canter again with students which he was not able to do before. 

A: What are your favorite Absorbine products and why did you start using them?

T: The Silver Honey! And I've actually had several people on the barn I work in recommend it to me as well. I've seen the results in their horses!

A: What is the funniest thing a non-horse person has said to you about horses?

T: I would say most people are impressed by the fact that there are all different types of shoes and the amount of care that goes into hoof care. That you actually have to keep up with that!

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