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Saving Nike’s Hoof: Before and After Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder

Posted by Animal Care Team on
A success story of an off track thoroughbred with a severely damaged hoof. The hoof and thus horse were saved with caring persistence and Hooflex Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement.

Absorbine Spotlight - Lady The Elephant

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Absorbine is proud to partner with  Global Sanctuary for Elephants to sponsor a sweet elephant named Lady, whose health is being supported thanks in part to several Absorbine products.

The Impact of Arena Footing on Hooves and Maintaining Proper Moisture Balance

Posted by Animal Care Team on
While modern footing is wonderful for optimizing horses’ peak performance and comfort, there are some watch-outs for arena footing when it comes to hoof care. Some common substances found in arena footing, such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, can potentially dry out the horse's hooves. Read on to learn more about dust suppression, possible effects on hoof health and how to avoid overly dry hooves.

Which Hooflex Is Right For You?

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Your farrier will tell you the main factors that contribute to healthy hooves – nutrition, regular care including proper trimming and balancing, footing/environment, genetics and regular TLC. Hooflex® can help you along the way, here's how to choose the right one on the Absorbine Blog.

Absorbine Farrier Spotlight - Taylor Hiatt

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Absorbine interviews top farriers to learn more about their backgrounds, best hoof care tips and interesting interactions with clients and their horses.