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11 Tips for Superior Winter Grooming

Posted by Animal Care Team on
11 Tips for horse care in the winter, from Team Absorbine! Covers winter grooming, hoof, supplementing, blanketing and more.

Five Applications for Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Take a closer look at some of the key applications for the horse world’s most trusted liniment – some of them may surprise you! Skin conditions, hoof care, senior care and more!

Saving Nike’s Hoof: Before and After Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder

Posted by Animal Care Team on
A success story of an off track thoroughbred with a severely damaged hoof. The hoof and thus horse were saved with caring persistence and Hooflex Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement.

Where was your farrier last week?

Posted by Team Absorbine on
If your horse came up with a loose shoe last week, chances are you had a little trouble finding a farrier to fix it. The world’s farriers had flocked to the 15th Annual International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s the largest equine foot-care event and tradeshow in the world!

Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement: Proven to Help Support Healthy Hoof Growth

Posted by Animal Care Team on
In a recent field test, horses fed Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement showed a significant increase in hoof growth after a six-month period of use. See the research here!