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Team Absorbine Spotlight - Casey Basta

Posted by Animal Care Team on
In this Team Absorbine Spotlight, we’re speaking with Casey Basta, Absorbine's Brand Development Manager. Casey grew up loving horses from afar but didn’t actually get into it until she attended college at the University of Vermont.

Absorbine Team Member Spotlight - Amy Cairy

Posted by Animal Care Team on
In this Spotlight (updated), we’re getting to know Amy Cairy, W.F. Young Vice President of Marketing and is responsible for leading the efforts of the marketing team and developing brands like Absorbine, The Missing Link and Silver Honey. Read more here on the Absorbine Blog. 

Absorbine Team Member Spotlight: Eileen Shaw

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Eileen Shaw has a sticker on her laptop that says "Heart, Horses, Hustle" and if there were three words we'd pick to describe her, those might just be them. Eileen is a lifelong equestrian and an integral part of Team Absorbine. We asked her a few of our "get to know ya" questions for this Absorbine Spotlight and as usual, she delivered! 

Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothee Schneider Joins Team Absorbine

Posted by Animal Care Team on
At W.F. Young, we are thrilled to announce our official sponsorship of Dorothee Schneider, a top international dressage rider with an impressive track record of achievements. 

Beat back bugs naturally

Posted by Animal Care Team on

Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and eliminate the entire bug population?While it’s unlikely your wishes for a pest-free horse life will be granted, you can dramatically reduce the population of obnoxious insects on your property with an eco-friendly fly care program that starts with a property management strategy.