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Salute To Chickens On National Bird Day

Posted by Animal Care Team on
There’s one bird species that might not be getting the credit they deserve on days like National Bird Day. It’s an animal which is gaining popularity with those of us who already keep horses and other animals - chickens!  

5 Tips for a Horse Holiday Photoshoot

Posted by Animal Care Team on
If you’ve been thinking of having professional photos taken with your horse, fall and early winter can be a great time to book a photoshoot. We asked Terisé for her top tips to nail your holiday photo shoot and here’s what she had to say!

Lissa Goes Skijoring - Team Absorbine

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Skijoring has a long history and was originally a very practical method of winter transportation. Originating in Norway in the 19th century, “skijoring” roughly translates to “ski driving”. Join Lissa and Absorbine as we go skijoring! 

Absorbine Spotlight: Kentucky Horse Park Breeds Barn

Posted by Team Absorbine on
Absorbine® is proud to be the fly control sponsor of the Kentucky Horse Park. In this Absorbine® Spotlight, we go behind the scenes at the Breeds Barn to meet Rockin’ R’s El Vira, the Park’s Mountain Pleasure horse breed ambassador.

Absorbine Spotlight: America's Show Camels!

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Ever been curious about camels? We spoke with Ryan Henning, owner of America’s Show Camels, Inc. about his camels, the events they participate in, and how he uses Absorbine® products to care for them.